Stetson University: Where world-bettering passions come to life
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Stetson University: Where world-bettering passions come to life

A relevant education is anything but rigid at Stetson University. Where else could you find international students representing their home counties at the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth? Or pairing their modules with internships at Microsoft and Facebook, receiving two scholarships from Google and accepting a job offer from JPMorgan Chase?

Outcomes like these are customary when the university you chose integrates its values within academic offerings. Stetson’s mission revolves around providing a quality education that nurtures creativity. Upon successful completion of a programme, every learner develops the qualities needed to become informed and engaged citizens of the world. To achieve this, the Stetson journey comprises Personal Growth, Intellectual Development and Global Citizenship.

The first two core values are self-explanatory. The third is what makes a Stetson education unique. This aspect concentrates on developing students that can confidently anticipate a future they know nothing about. Little wonder why instead of being paralysed by doubt, each is driven by possibility. The world-bettering changes they make in the midst of their degrees say it all.

Take Simon Doku’s story, for instance. In his home country of Ghana, Doku founded HealthyCup as a youth. The company was developed to improve the health of low-income locals through a vegan probiotic beverage called “Simon Roselle”. However, Doku knew that with the right international education, he could go much further.

His initial attraction to Stetson was purely aesthetic. Its beautiful campus and location’s sunny climate piqued his interest. More importantly, this was a university that was deeply committed to supporting its students. A study abroad journey is never easy to plan, but thankfully, the university covered every angle.

Stetson University

Just recently, computer science student Simon Doku performed a website migration for non-profit organisation, Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida, using the Wix website builder. Source: Stetson University

“Stetson strives to meet the needs of students through a range of programmes, scholarships and grants,” he explains. “These offerings, coupled with the aid awarded by the Bonner Programme made it possible for me to attend the university despite my financial situation.”

Today, a computer science major, Doku is using his newfound knowledge to add value to Black Homeschoolers of Central Florida — a nonprofit organisation aimed at helping parents harness the power of education for their children. Just recently, Doku performed a website migration for them using the Wix website builder.

Stetson ’s Centre for Community Engagement plays a crucial role in making these connections — each aimed at mutually benefiting both students and the community through internship and volunteering opportunities.

The programme that gave Doku the know-how to thrive in his placement is one of Stetson’s most topical — the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. It was designed to develop students’ expertise in systems analysis, software development, artificial intelligence, amongst many more. At the same time, they gain a strong grasp of the field’s fundamentals. Of course, hands-on real-world practice abound in cybersecurity tools, big data analysis, programming language design, networking, operating system development, parallel computing and web applications.

Those more interested in joining the fight against cybercrime would find the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity a better pick. In small classes, this programme provides several opportunities for students to audit their university and/or its partnering companies. The eight-course curriculum covers the topics of: Software Development, Computer Networks, Web Application Development; Secure Coding, and much more.

Stetson’s Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is just as dynamic. This major directly contributes to the growing need for more competent professionals in healthcare. To develop them, it enables students to explore the anatomy and physiology of the human body, medicine and disease prevention. With the integration of biology, chemistry, physics, physiology and nutrition, it teaches various health specialisations through hands-on laboratories and informative lectures.

Regardless of the paths chosen, every student gains access to the university’s endless array of resources — each set in place to make educational journeys all the more fulfilling. Take a closer look at the sprouting spaces around campus and you’ll see how.

For example, Stetson’s Sage Hall Science Centre is currently undergoing renovation to make way for the new Cici and Hyatt Brown Hall for Health and Innovation. The 40,000-square-foot building will be connected to Sage Hall through internal glass walkways and create a 125,000 square feet of health, science and innovation space. It will be completed for the Fall 2022 semester. It is set to exponentially expand opportunities for student and faculty research.

To discover what else is on the horizon at Stetson University, click here to learn more or schedule your international appointment in Bogota Colombia from February 15 to 27, 2022 using the International Appointment Request Form. Already sold? Click here to apply to one of its robust programmes today.


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