Liberal Arts

The liberal arts date back to ancient Greece, where Pythagoras pioneered the seven arts — astronomy, mathematics, geometry, music, rhetoric, grammar and logic. They pave the way for the liberal arts we know today, which consist of life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, philosophy, history, social sciences and creative arts. 

These subjects mould students into the kind of graduates today’s most competitive businesses love. Many prefer employees and leaders with excellent communication skills, the know-how to identify and explain complex issues and the ability to navigate different cultures — all of which are taught and covered comprehensively within liberal arts degrees.

Take Alexa Hirschfeld for instance. The co-founder of design-driven online invitation company Paperless Post started building her business a year after she graduated with a BA in Classics. With over 100 million users today, Paperless Post is now a highly successful company with US$37 million in venture financing and partners with fashion designers like Kate Spade New York, Kelly Wearstler, and Oscar de la Renta.

If you are now intrigued how a liberal arts degree can help you become a global leader, here are four liberal arts colleges in the US that may help you chart your path:

Stetson University

Since 1883, Stetson University’s vision has remained constant: to engage students with challenging academics and to instil values for life. Stetson has a rich history and is home to many Florida firsts – first private university, business school and college of law. Stetson is currently ranked fifth in the US News and World Report’s 2022 list of Best Regional Universities (South).

At the heart of the university is the College of Arts and Sciences. It offers a multitude of majors covering philosophy, political science, marine biology, and cybersecurity, just to name a few. Students are equipped with the skills they need to become leaders and to make a difference in the world — analysis, critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Stetson’s renowned School of Music offers programmes just as impactful. It is committed to teaching students how to become critical thinking, proficient and effective leaders, as well as literate, competent musicians. Majors include composition, music theory, orchestral instrument and voice.

The School of Business Administration is where tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, leaders and CEOs are arming themselves with newly developing knowledge and innovations in the fast changing field of business administration. After all, they’ll be at the right place — the school has experience in teaching business courses longer than any other Florida college. Majors offered here include accounting, entrepreneurship, human resource management, business systems and analytics and professional sales.

Students looking to enter Stetson University now, will be greeted with the newly renovated Sage Hall Science Centre. Students can also look forward to the Cici & Hyatt Brown Hall for Health & Innovation which will be completed by fall 2022.

Knox College

A Knox College education is powerful. Located in Galesburg, Illinois, this is where you’ll receive a “human-powered education,” which translates to a community of good people doing hard work that powers the world. It is deeply, richly human, as well as strong, confident and purposeful.

A Knox education is also rooted in a singular intellectual community, where you’ll be more than just a spectator. You’ll have a voice in a unique space—few liberal arts colleges in America have a community as diverse, welcoming, and compelling as Knox. After all, students come from 48 states and 51 countries–and nearly 20% come from outside the U.S.

At Knox, you’ll learn to apply theory to practice, engaging in real-world experiences such as internships, in-depth research and creative projects, study abroad, and community service. And you’ll receive a US$2,000 Power of Experience Grant to make these experiences possible.

You might also take advantage of Knox’s Immersion Experiences—focused, hands-on exploration of a single field of study over the course of an entire term. You might explore Japan’s cities, assemble an exhibition in studio art, conduct research at its Green Oaks biological field station, or even complete an internship at local agencies that provide psychological services, to name just a few.

You can choose from 42 majors and 57 minor fields of study, led by real professors (not graduate students!) in small classes averaging just 14 students. You’ll have a truly human-powered education to prepare you for great success and a rewarding life in the real world.

The result? Satisfied graduates. Knox College is on the Forbes magazine Grateful Grads index — a list of the top colleges where alumni feel that they received the greatest return on their college investment. That’s also why Knox is recognized as one of America’s Colleges That Change Lives.

Bard College

Bard College

Committed to enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse, Bard college trains tomorrow’s thought leaders by instilling curiosity, a love of learning, and idealism. Source: Bard College

Founded in 1860, Bard College is a four-year residential college of the liberal arts and sciences. Committed to enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse, the college trains tomorrow’s thought leaders by instilling curiosity, a love of learning, and idealism. 

Located 90 miles north of New York City, its main campus in the Hudson River Valley features state-of-the-art facilities like the Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden Centre for Science and Computation and the Frank Gehry-designed Richard B. Fisher Centre for the Performing Arts.

With a mission to meet broader student needs and increase access to liberal arts education, Bard College offers bachelor of arts, science, and music degrees, with majors in nearly 40 academic programmes; eight early colleges; and numerous dual-degree programmes nationally and internationally. Alternatively, graduates can choose from graduate degrees in 11 programmes. 

“We have an incredible array of options and opportunities for students to get involved  in and a vibrant campus life that invites students to be ambitious,” says David Shein, Dean of Studies. 

Support, intellectual and social connections, and networking opportunities are offered to students the moment they arrive on campus. 

With a dedicated faculty and world-class facilities, they promote the highest standards in health and physical fitness through its athletic offerings such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, kickball, badminton, and squash. 

DePauw University

DePauw University

DePauw University provides students with the intellectual tools to understand, examine and develop solutions to the problems affecting our society and the human condition. Source: DePauw University

DePauw University provides students with the intellectual tools to understand, examine and develop solutions to the problems affecting our society and the human condition.

This is a university that builds a bridge between knowledge and experience. From teaching and learning to research and engagement, a DePauw education is rigorous. 

Every aspect is geared towards creating students who can improve the world. An education here will broaden and deepen your interests through an exciting variety of majors, minors and pathways.

Here, students have a community that values critical thinking, encourages self-discovery and embraces all walks of life. In this open, collaborative and innovative environment, faculty, staff and students thrive as individuals and as a community. 

“DePauw is not DePauw without the culture and vibrancy of its student body,” says President Lori S. White. 

A unique combination of intellectual challenge, social engagement and nationally competitive athletics opportunities is offered here through a selection of sports such as basketball, cross  country, football, golf, tennis and so forth. 

Its student support services are available all year-round to answer questions and help students reach their academic, personal, and professional goals. 

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