3 benefits of studying liberal arts in the US
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“I do think that a general liberal arts education is very important, particularly in an uncertain changing world.” – Steve Case

The liberal arts are often considered the perfect foundation for students due to their broad and unique nature. Covering a wide range of subjects like Literature, Chemistry, Political Science, Mathematics and more, students benefit from a comprehensive curriculum and a wealth of specialisations.

Just fresh out of high school, many students are still unsure about their future, making a liberal arts degree is the perfect choice for them. This type of education often gives students the chance to explore several disciplines, equipping them with extensive expertise in a variety of disciplines.

A liberal arts degree grants students a platform to further their education with a postgraduate degree while attaining the transferable skills that make them highly employable. In an unpredictable world, a liberal arts education can also prepare you for professions that might not yet exist. Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons for you to study liberal arts in the US…

1. Expertise that give you an edge

Skills gained from the liberal arts are considered among the most useful, according to Donald Asher, author of How to Get Any Job with Any Major. With a liberal arts degree, students master a variety of proficiencies that come in handy from the moment they start work. These expertise, known as ‘soft skills’, are a popular requirement from many employers looking for recent graduates to innovate their workforce.

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2. Financial aid

Many liberal arts colleges are private institutions and require higher fees than many public universities. But don’t let that deter you from trying, as there are plenty of institutions that offer financial aid to global applicants. Enquire with the financial aid offices to see whether you meet the requirements and find out what type of scholarships you would be eligible for. Some colleges provide scholarships based on factors such as merit, needs or talent.

3. Students are the main priority

Most liberal arts colleges boast a small student to teacher ratio, giving you the chance to interact with professors, to debate current issues with your peers and discuss things with your tutors if you have any issues in class.

If you’re keen to pursue a degree in the liberal arts, here are five US Schools you should certainly consider…


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Leading the way in forward-thinking higher education is Wilson College, a top liberal arts college that offers students career-oriented programmes in a collaborative environment that focuses on the individual. Here, you are taught to think critically and communicate with confidence.

The College’s challenging liberal arts curriculum emphasises the development of valuable skills in writing, speaking and critical thinking. Here, students have the chance to pursue an undergraduate, graduate or adult degree programme. The College offers a wide selection of study areas from Accounting and Biology to Environmental Sustainability and Veterinary Medical Technology. To ensure graduates leave ready to enter work, the College offers several internships, study abroad programmes, research projects and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Partnership for students to take part in.

In addition to providing an excellent education pathway, the College offers financial aid to help those who hope to pursue the liberal arts. Wilson College is ranked fourth in ‘Best value schools’ 2017 by the US News & World Report, recognised for providing students from all social backgrounds with financial assistance.


Recognised as one of America’s strongest and most selective liberal arts institutions, Davidson is the first institution to eliminate loans from its financial aid. Located in the town of Davidson, North Carolina, this historic College is the perfect choice for students who are looking for a reputable undergraduate education in a residential environment.

Here, pupils will receive a liberal arts education that emphasizes life-long learning, critical thinking and effective communication. The College offers a wide range of academic majors and programmes which are taught by a world-class faculty, guiding students through a curriculum that covers many fields and disciplines. Getting accustomed to a new institution and study environment can be overwhelming, so the College offers plenty of support to ease the transition for its students.

The College’s Center for Teaching and Learning offers tutoring, writing, speaking and digital literacy services to assist in your development. But it’s not all work and no play at Davidson, since the institution offers plenty of sports activities for them to compete or participate in.

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Located in the Champlain Valley of central Vermont, this top-tier liberal arts college educates both within and beyond the classroom. The College’s natural environment offers a refreshing change to a typical study setting, all the while acting as a natural source of inspiration and research laboratory.

The College offers more than 850 courses in 44 majors, with an emphasis on writing in all disciplines to nurture the capacity for expression and critical thinking. Upon graduation, the institution also offers programmes like pre-engineering and pre-law to help you select your most suited career path. Beyond the classroom, Middlebury supports several programmes to develop skills like creative thought and intellectual risk.

Students can join the Center for Community Engagement, an organisation that allows individuals to pursue projects in collaboration with communities through volunteerism, trips and community-connected research. Besides that, the College organises a leadership and innovation programme known as MiddCORE, designed to help students build confidence and leadership expertise.


Hamilton College believes your academic experience should be a period of transformation. You’ll learn to discover yourself personally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Whether it is a new academic or extracurricular interest or a new-found love for the outdoors – it’s all happening here.

The College prides itself on its ability to help students discover exactly what they’d like to pursue. As the third-oldest college in the State, Hamilton understands that students seek excellence and flexibility. Its open curriculum allows them to explore different options before settling on their area of specialisation.

You’ll work closely with a faculty advisor to create a specific plan that explores your interests and reaches your personal goals. That plan may include an option to study abroad, to pursue independent research or take advantage of a multitude of academic opportunities. And after you graduate from College, Hamilton’s Career Center is on hand to help you explore potential career options.

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Delivering academic excellence and a sense of community among its staff and students, the Kenyon College is a wonderful place to begin your journey into higher education. With a curriculum that’s rooted in traditional liberal arts and sciences, this environment is enriched by its unique, interdisciplinary programs.

With more than 50 majors, minors and concentrations to explore, students here are spoiled for choice. The College offers a flexible curriculum that means students can customise their course by combining majors and adding minors or interdisciplinary concentrations. But if you’re unsure which course you want to choose, Kenyon has experienced faculty advisors who can offer guidance and support.

Here, students also have the chance to become great leaders through a series of internship placements. These programmes do not only enhance your skill but also prepare you for a rewarding career. Once you apply to the Gund Gallery Associates, for example, you will learn the inner workings of a professional art gallery, and also gain experience in curating and curatorial writing.

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