Six boarding schools that provide the ultimate foundation to university study
Source: Kingswood School Bath

Acting as the ultimate foundation for university study and personal development, it’s imperative that parents actively seek schools that inspire and empower students. When seeking such a school, parents must consider a range of important factors.

Independent study for example, enables students to explore their own capabilities through taking charge of their own learning. This will be of invaluable importance when students reach university, where learners are expected to take ownership of both their academic ad personal development.

A broad curriculum also helps prepare your child for life beyond school, granting them the chance to explore a range of topics and practices that may not be afforded at other schools. Such a curriculum is often complemented by an extensive extracurricular programme, which not only develops students’ unique passions but supports a spirit of teamwork and relationship building.

The following schools strive to provide such an experience for students, offering the ultimate foundation for the progression to university study…


Source: Kingswood School Bath

Set against the backdrop of one of the UK’s most beautiful cities, Kingswood School in Bath balances academic excellence, strength in the arts, sport and traditional values. Pupils here are encouraged to tackle their education with vigour, also developing self-assurance and personal motivation.

This 218-acre site boasts a range of state-of-the-art facilities, including a brand-new Art and Innovation centre at its Prep School, providing an environment where students can hone their skills and express themselves beyond the academic curriculum.

Boarding from age 7, Kingswood is a school that transforms lives, committed to making a difference for every girl and boy.  Striving purposefully for all-round excellence remains the central aim, placing great emphasis on quality of relationships, individuality, enquiry and innovation.

Almost 100 percent of students progress to university, with more than four out of five students achieving A*-B grades required for entry into Russell Group institutions. It’s also within easy reach of major road, rail and air links, and sits just 90-minutes by train to London.


Situated on a 71-acre campus, Worcester Academy is a co-ed day and boarding school for grades six-12 and postgraduates. The school’s history dates back to 1834, placing students in New England’s second-largest city; an urban and diverse community offering a rich heritage and culture for students to benefit from.

Source: Worcester Academy

At Worcester Academy, students are engaged in a comprehensive, challenging curriculum where they are nurtured to excel. They don’t simply learn how to prepare for exams, but are inspired and supported in their studies to pursue big ideas and answer tough questions, relevant to the real world.

With a student body made up of 100 middle school students and 500 upper school students, Worcester Academy creates an intimate learning experience with the student-advisor ratio sitting at 8:1.

With an more than 50 sports teams to choose from and a prominent arts and theatre department, there are a wealth of extracurricular activities for students to engage with.

The Academy prides itself on developing cultural competency and global perspective, with around 20 percent of the student body originating from outside the US.


Founded almost 400-years ago, Dulwich College for Boys is steeped in history and tradition. Based in southeast London, students here can experience one of the greatest cities in the world and everything it has to offer.

Students here excel in their academic performance, with the school leaving no stone unturned to prepare them for public examinations, which determine the quality of university the student will later attend.

But Dulwich College also believes in the spirit of free learning, encompassing pupil-led independent learning free from the syllabus. This challenges students to engage with their own ideas in an exciting way, building self-confidence and pride in personal achievement. The programme is based on intellectual curiosity, supported by teachers’ interest and enthusiasm.

Boys here are exposed to the full breadth of an educational experience – linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, creative, literary, spiritual, moral, cultural and social. This, Dulwich College hopes, enables each student to become confident, courteous and responsible individuals ready for the challenges of the world.


Source: The Kent School

A leading secondary school in the US with a rich tradition since its 1906 foundation, Kent School strives to develop the next generation of critical thinkers and global citizens. Here, 570 girls and boys here excel in 172 programmes, including 27 advanced placement (AP) offerings and rare programmes such as Mandarin Chinese, Irish Drama, Genetics and Biotechnology, a new Pre-Engineering programme, as well as an extensive club and extracurricular offering.

A diverse range of gifted and dedicated teachers make up the faculty at Kent School, each passionate about their specific disciplines and motivated in developing students’ academic and personal abilities. Students will also be encouraged to participate in immersive learning practices that best serves their unique skills and goals.

A statement from Kent School’s website demonstrates the commitment from the school to develop each student’s personal talents: “Whatever challenging, exciting fields of study you pursue at Kent, you won’t just learn the book – you will be taught the skills and the courage to write a new one.”


Nestled away on a 300-acre campus in beautiful Perth, within touching distance of the Scottish Highlands and only an hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow, Glenalmond offers students a wholly Scottish learning experience. The co-ed boarding school caters to both boys and girls between 12-18 years.

With a student body of around 400 pupils, there’s an almost even balance between girls and boys at this school. The majority of students at Glenalmond are British, but pupils are representative of 16 different countries.

The curriculum is tailored to each individual needs while also having a clear focus. All pupils study for GCSEs and A levels or Highers, with over 25 subjects in the Sixth Form providing an excellent basis for entry to university and higher education. This is represented in the number of students who achieve places at Oxford, Cambridge and Russel Group universities every year.

Source: Glenalmond College


Based in Lakeville, Connecticut, Hotchkiss School provides an education of academic distinction to more than 600 students across grades nine through 12, and a small number of postgraduates. Since its establishment in 1891, the school has grown to become a diverse and vibrant community, focused on the academic achievement and future success of students.

Located on 827-acres of woods, fields and farmland in the scenic Berkshire-Taconic region, described by the Nature Conservancy as “one of the most extraordinary landscapes in the Northeast”. Excellent services and facilities, coupled with the stunning surroundings, make Hotchkiss School the perfect location to study and grow.

Hotchkiss places great emphasis on the extracurricular development of each student. When classes end on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, every pupil participates in an organised team activity, which could be a varsity sport, theatre or Fairfield Farm Ecosystems and Adventure Team (FFEAT). More than 60 clubs and student-run organisations can be found at Hotchkiss, from fashion blogs to app design and social justice groups.  

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