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Source: Worcester Academy

Located in the historical town of Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester Academy offers a culturally-rich education geared towards academic excellence and personal growth.

The Academy is based on a 71-acre state-of-the-art campus in New England’s second biggest city, allowing students to fulfil their potential in a close-knit community that has encouraged cooperation through its long history since being founded in 1834.

Inside these history-steeped walls is a forward-thinking community equipped with everything necessary for a 21st century education. Modern classrooms and innovative laboratories are designed to give students everything needed to succeed in their academics, granting them skills that allow them to thrive beyond education.

Worcester Academy recognises the importance of preparing students to make a difference in the world, rather than simply just passing their exams. This means all students are encouraged to become lifelong learners, continuing to develop long after their school days have ended.

“Even as we evolve in the 21st century by implementing innovative classroom and operational practices, we remain true to our roots and our mission – to create lifelong learners who engage passionately with the world around them,” explains Ron Cino, Head of the Academy.

To prepare students for the dynamic and evolving world they will be entering, the school focuses not only on academics but also on creating effective communicators, creative and critical thinkers, and global collaborators with an unwavering curiosity about the world.

These qualities will be invaluable to young people as they enter the globalised economy, allowing them to carve out a successful and happy path that benefits not only them but those around them.

Source: Worcester Academy

Recognising that children cannot become well-rounded individuals through academics alone, the academy runs an intensive athletics programme to challenge students to achieve their best.

Over 17 sports are offered on campus to allow each learner to find their own unique stride, stroke or shot. Every aspect of life at Worcester Academy acknowledges that no two children are the same, and the academic schedule is no different.

Children can develop their teamwork and cooperation skills while gaining a healthy sense of competition through the 50+ sports teams over half of the student body is involved in.

As well as maintaining physical and mental well-being, the academy recognizes that athletics help children understand their role as a community member and teammate, developing perseverance and resilience when working towards a goal.

For those with a creative spark, the integrated arts programme that runs across all year groups is aimed towards encouraging expression and confidence alongside learning.

“The arts here are about creative problem-solving. We encourage students to look for creative ways to express themselves and collaborate. They learn how to be part of an ensemble and create something that is bigger than themselves,” says Elizabeth Bowles, member of the Arts Department Faculty.

Visual arts – including ceramics, architecture, costume design and studio art – music and theatre are offered at Worcester Academy, allowing students to explore their passions and refine their creative curiosity to find unique solutions in the wider world.

To help students maintain a healthy mind when not on the sports field or in the art room, the academy has on-site wellness counsellors to guide students during any point of their time at Worcester Academy.

While problem-solving is an essential skill for success in the 21st century, the student counselling service also promotes the importance of knowing when to ask for help.

Encouraging students to develop healthy social and emotional patterns to provide a blueprint for a prosperous adult life, individual counselling sessions, health and wellness classes and parent support are aimed towards building students’ confidence, giving them the tools to overcome inevitable hurdles in their lives.

The Academy also provides a direct stepping-stone to higher education through the college counselling service.

Source: Worcester Academy

This service helps students identify what they personally desire in a higher education institution, guides them through the application process and ensures their maximum chance of academic success by supporting both parents and students through every step of the admission process.

Graduates from Worcester Academy have gone on to study at some of the world’s leading universities, including Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Cornell University and the prestigious Oxford University in the UK.

Students are trained to make a positive impact at their next destination, and throughout their entire lives, through being part of a supportive international community during their education.

Out of the 23 countries represented at Worcester Academy, 20 percent of students come from underrepresented backgrounds, meaning all students are immersed in a diverse learning environment, and grow up understanding that everyone deserves equal opportunities in life.

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