5 global schools embracing Integrative International Education
Source: Niagara Christian Collegiate

It’s more important now than ever that colleges around the world adopt an integrative approach to education.

As society bursts with technological innovation, cross-cultural communication and the positive and negative effects of globalisation, it’s important that students understand the influence of these concepts from an early age.

If schools choose to grant young learners a 360-degree view of society, they’ll grasp the power of diversity and develop a deep-rooted appreciation for cultural values. This will then give them the leading advantage in the future pool of competitive graduates.

As John Gapper stated in the Financial Times earlier this year, “Universities are the new global brands.” They have a responsibility to consider the needs of international students and provide an education that acknowledges all cultures.

The rapid speed of the digital age means educational borders have been broken. Information is everywhere and students are at risk of being overfed false data.

That’s why it’s the academic institution’s duty to offer a safe, secure and well-rounded learning experience. Despite distractions on the internet, students need to learn how to successfully decipher facts and figures in an increasingly connected world.

Source: The Fessenden School

Integration is also key. It’s very easy to feel alienated or alone when technology entices users to become even more reclusive.

As Study International explains, archaic school curriculums leave students vulnerable and lacking essential communication and critical thinking skills. “Like a newly-hatched turtle blindly making its way across the sand in pursuit of the ocean, graduates are left to struggle through an unfamiliar economic landscape until the globalised current inevitably sweeps them up.”

That’s why an integrative education that teaches every student the tools and techniques required to make a real-world impact is one worth applying for. There’s no use in outdated syllabi and traditional frameworks; courses must be relevant to keep learners employable.

Throughout the early phases of education, pupils are beginning to grow their personal and professional mindsets. This is the perfect time to fuse their aspirations together with practice.

The next generation holds the future in their hands. Wouldn’t it be wise to nurture their talents through a college that respects their ambitions? By supplying them with the right knowledge, they have a chance at conquering pressing issues like the rising tech takeover and the overshadowing threats of climate change…

Here are five colleges that promote an integrative, international learning environment…


Established in 1834, this integrative co-ed institution blends its rich history together with the latest technologies.

The Worcester way of life stays with children from the beginning of their academic journey to the pinnacle of their chosen career. With 23 countries represented in its student body, this college takes pride in its international and innovative curriculum.

Source: Worcester Academy

With a noteworthy mission to provide a tailored teaching style that complements learners’ unique abilities, children get the chance to passionately engage with the world. As teachers share the academy’s ethos, a globalised outlook is reflected in the high-quality curriculum and dynamic learning environment.

As the Academy states, “Our city campus gives every Hilltopper the opportunity to experience the vitality, diversity, and excitement of a city rich in heritage, culture, and the arts.” By offering all the benefits of a world-class education system, Worcester Academy is one for aspiring students to watch!


Niagara Christian Collegiate (NCC) is an independent, non-denominational Christian school located on a beautiful campus close to Canada’s famous Niagara Falls.

NCC provides an inclusive learning environment for learners to develop cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. Through an individualized support system and customized content, students will feel motivated in and beyond the classroom.

Many students begin their academic adventure in NCC’s Middle School and then move on to secondary studies on the same campus. In partnership with St. George’s University in Grenada, NCC extends an incredible opportunity for students in the Career Pathways Program and has exclusive access to St. George’s Veterinary Medicine and Medical Programs.

For over 85 years, NCC’s Secondary School has been recognized as an educational leader in Canada. The international student body creates a diverse learning atmosphere which enhances students’ global outlook. That’s why so many learners receive offers from top universities throughout Canada and around the world as NCC has a proven formula for student success!

Source: Niagara Christian Collegiate


Just minutes from Boston, one of the most culturally rich cities in America, The Fessenden School prepares boys to succeed in the multi-cultural, technology-driven world they are poised to inherit.

The Fessenden difference is their student-centered, teacher-supported approach that promotes interactive exchange over direct instruction, collaboration over competition, and learning for life over learning for school. It is both project-based and passion-based, because when a boy taps into a deep-rooted interest, he’s more invested in the process.

Fessenden’s innovative educational approach helps students master the most sought after skills in today’s marketplace: communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, character and cross-cultural competency. As Curt Lewellyn, the school’s Director of Center of Innovation, explains “Teaching boys to be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and global citizens is the hallmark of what we refer to as a 21st century education.”

The School attracts students and faculty from across the U.S. and around the globe, who thrive in this diverse, inclusive and nurturing community and leave with the critical skills, self-confidence, and worldview they need to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

Source: The Fessenden School


Established in 1619, Dulwich College is an academically selective independent boys’ boarding and day school where pupils from all backgrounds feel equally valued.

According to the Master of Dulwich College, Dr Joseph Spence, “We are alert to the changing nature of work in the 21st century and we expect our alumni to take up a number of jobs not yet dreamt of and to have more than one career.”

For the Senior School, every boy is connected to a balanced and broad curriculum that promotes participation and encourages individual enquiry. With inclusive co-curricular activities and an expanding list of clubs and societies, students here unravel their confidence from an early age.

Even throughout Dulwich Junior School, learners are exposed to creative weeks and fascinating outings and exhibitions. Through a selection of educational visits and programmes, Dulwich learners dare to dream and dare to create on a local and global scale.


Within touching distance of the picturesque Scottish Highlands, Glenalmond College is a co-ed environment that pursues all-round education.

Source: Glenalmond College

On their virtual tour, you’ll notice modern-day additions to the school’s traditional landscape, such as the Tech Centre and state-of-the-art Medical Centre. By bridging the gap between practice and theory, students advance through practical lessons and exposure to the latest gadgets.

There’s plenty of learning support at Glenalmond; a school that wants everyone to receive an equal education but also considers community issues, allowing learners to become actively involved in real-world projects.

Through a 360-degree lense, Glenalmond expects students to extend their development beyond classroom walls and get involved with independent learning schemes.

The success of the school’s global approach can be summed up perfectly by one parent’s statement on the welcome page. As the comment states, “Why did we choose Glenalmond? By watching friends’ children who went to the school develop into confident, kind, happy adults.”

*Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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