Think outside the box: 6 global schools you might have overlooked

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” – Malcolm Forbes

Regardless of race, gender or religion, all parents seek the best possible education for their child. It’s a well-known fact that accessibility to elite schooling options kick-starts an endless pool of opportunities that simply can’t be missed. But with so many world-class schools all over the globe, how on earth do you settle on the ideal one for your child? Rest assured you are not alone if the process seems more than a little overwhelming…

Should you consult the rankings and choose an institution that is renowned and globally recognised? Is it beneficial to send them overseas, immersing them in the language, culture and customs of a new country?  What about the support – will your child receive the encouragement they need to truly excel at this crucial stage in life? No answer is set in stone – this is a decision that really depends on personal preference and the aspirations of your child. And while it is a verdict that only you can reach, here is a slice of wisdom that could just sway the result: a globally-facing education – like that which is on offer at most international schools – could be the best academic foundation for your child in an increasingly globalised world.

“In preparing your child for a globally connected world, start in the classroom,” writes Boston Magazine. “Using world-class international curricula, international independent schools can offer students a more broad, balanced and enriching education whilst maintaining personalization for each student – an invaluable asset for a generation in the innovation economy.”

And in terms of selecting the right international school, sometimes it’s best to think outside the box. It is often the lesser-known schools that produce the most astute and ambitious graduates. We have scoured the globe to uncover six of the world’s most prominent global schools you might have previously overlooked – and boy, have we unearthed some diamonds…


Cultural immersion and a uniquely universal approach to education is central to the community at the International School of Indiana (ISI).  With a faculty and student body that represents more than 50 nationalities, this environment forms a rich ‘mosaic’ of global perspectives and insight.

ISI’s position as the most challenging high school in Indianapolis, as well as its position in the US Top 100, makes it a popular choice for students who dream of entering higher education, while ISI remains a firm favourite with first-rate colleges worldwide. It is, in part, due to this heritage of excellence that both the school’s rate of graduation and record for college acceptance currently stand at a remarkable 100 percent.

All parents should note that while this is not a boarding school, its homestay capacity undoubtedly sets it apart from existing competition. With a focus on responsibility, respect and personal endeavour, this institution goes above and beyond to help its students thrive.


This UK boarding school also packs some punch, carving a long-held legacy for successful study and blossoming graduate careers.

As a noted institution in the heart of the UK, Malvern sets the ultimate example of what a boarding education should be. Consistently cultivating top-tier student talent, the school prepares students to achieve top grades and ensures they leave fully-equipped to tackle the next stage of life.

“Our boys and girls generally consider themselves extremely fortunate that they have the most beautiful setting as a backdrop for their growth through the teenage years towards adulthood,” says the school’s headmaster Anthony Clark. “…It is a happy environment, full of opportunity for each pupil in the academic sphere, in games, in cultural activities and learning to lead. The emphasis on nurturing the individual is balanced by an understanding of the responsibility each has to play in the lives of others both in this community and outside it.”


Recognising that boarding school life can be hectic, but should also be challenging and fun (preferably at the same time), Rugby School does all it can to elevate the well-being of every student. There is a lot to fill a seven-day week in the Midlands, and this is a school that strives to promote excellence both within academia and extracurricular life, all while encouraging students to socialise and make lifelong friends.

Recognised by the Good Schools Guide for preserving a “tradition of innovation”, Rugby School is an academic trailblazer, standing as the first in the UK to integrate science into the curriculum way back in the 1850s.

This boarding school prides itself on being one of the UK’s leading education providers. Applicants are required to possess an extensive intellectual appetite, since courses are full to the brim with practical activities and theoretical knowledge.


Powered by a motto that promotes, “Simplicity of Life, Directness of Purpose, and Self-Reliance”, Kent School is intent on producing dedicated, driven and purposeful young adults.

As a prominent secondary education provider in Connecticut, USA, this school’s prestigious curriculum is frequently revised to reflect the needs of current students. Here, bright young minds pursue a diverse range of courses, including Engineering, Chemistry, Meteorology, Mandarin and more. Kent School students are urged to create learning experiences that invigorate their interests and put their talents to use.

Nestled half a mile from the charming town of Kent, this is an American institution with a traditional British boarding school structure. Kent actively encourages its sixth form students to undertake leadership roles, such as becoming a member of the Senior Council. Opportunities to pursue meaningful roles in the school and surrounding community prove invaluable in preparing students to shine, no matter where they find themselves in life post-graduation.


Fostering a distinctly student-first approach, Tilton School understands the relevance of a contemporary, global education. Teachers work round-the-clock with students, urging them to unleash their full potential and grow into passionate, versatile adults as they enter the working world.

This school instils students with the skillset needed to lead fulfilling lives long after they leave. It teaches necessary life and leadership skills that cover everything from how to collaborate, problem-solve and communicate effectively. It’s a school that helps pupils mature, teaching them the value of responsibility while opening their eyes to a wider world outside of themselves.

As a visionary institution, Tilton has developed the Tilton Experience (TEx) – a 21st century initiative that strives to support the individual needs of each student by providing authentic assessments of their aptitudes, skills, interests and learning preferences. On top of this, students are encouraged to select courses and opportunities that suit their personal strengths.


Nestled in Palmerstown – a civil parish and suburb in South Dublin, Ireland – the King’s Hospital (KH) prides itself on its ability to nurture the cultural, creative and intellectual development of students.

This Church of Ireland-governed, co-education, five and seven-day boarding and day secondary school elevates the student experience with a picturesque green campus that covers 85 acres. Offering academic, sports and creative facilities that truly are unparalleled, this school grants students the competence and confidence needed to triumph in a globalised world.

“While KH has a long and distinguished history we make every effort to prepare our pupils for the demands and challenges ahead in all aspects of life,” says John D. Rafter, Principal of the school. “…Its fundamental values are a Christian conscience, a sense of duty and loyalty, and a love of learning… the co-educational character encourages mutual respect as part of the maturing process among pupils.”

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