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Hong Kong is a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures with diversity in lifestyle. Source: Oli Scarff / AFP

For students seeking a scholarship for PhD programmes, consider the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme. This scheme is a grant of money to a student who is pursuing a PhD by departments, by universities, by individuals, and by government or corporate entities.

Unlike financial aid, which is awarded based on need, doctoral assistantships and fellowships are awarded by institutions and organisations based on the merit of your achievements. 

Created in 2009 by the Research Grant Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme for international students aims to attract the brightest of the bunch to pursue their PhD degree programmes in Hong Kong’s institutions.

This scholarship for PhD candidates provides a monthly stipend of 26,900 Hong Kong dollars (approx. US$3,450) and a conference travel allowance of HK$13,500 (approx. US$1,730) per year during the normative study period for up to three years. 

Those who are seeking admission as new full-time PhD students in UGC-funded institutions of Hong Kong — irrespective of their country of origin, prior work experience and ethnic background — should be eligible to apply.

Students can attend University Grants Committee (UGC)-funded institutions in Hong Kong including:

PhD Fellowship Scheme

If you’re looking for a scholarship for PhD programmes in Asia, Hong Kong should be at the top of your list. Source: Isaac Lawrence / AFP

Five reasons why you should apply for a scholarship for PhD programmes in Hong Kong

  • Diversity and internationalisation 

Claiming to be “Asia’s World City,” Hong Kong is a culturally diverse society with people of different ethnic backgrounds. It is a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures with diversity in lifestyle and a cosmopolitan city offering global, regional and local connectivity. 

  • Asia’s financial hub

Hong Kong offers a competitive investment and trading climate. Located in the heart of Asia, this city is completely integrated into the global financial trading cycle round-the-clock, enabling seamless connectivity to major financial centres in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

  • Superb transport infrastructure

Hong Kong has the most sustainable transport system globally, according to the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index. The Asian metropolis, which has long been known for its world-class infrastructure, received high marks for its well-connected and efficient transportation network, which includes the MTR, the city’s well-known metro system.

  • Stellar education system

It is home to some of the world’s top 50 universities including thoseranked 3rd, 8th and 10th in Asia in 2020.  

  • Funding and costs

Apart from the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, a range of scholarships is also offered by the government and individual universities.