Tuition-free universities
Explore Europe's diverse languages and cultures in a welcoming, social environment. Source: Loic Venance / AFP

Europe is not just a popular destination amongst travellers but also among international students. Why? Tuition-free universities. Public institutions of higher education here typically only offer free tuition to students from EU and EEA member countries; however, some, like Germany and Norway, offer free tuition to all students regardless of nationality. 


Not only is Germany home to some of the best universities in the world, but you can also study there for free. That’s right, Germans, Europeans, and all non-Europeans can study in Germany free of charge.

This is generally true for international students worldwide, inside or outside the EU/EEA zone. The state of Baden-Württemberg in south-west Germany is the only state that charges fees but these are minimal, at a maximum cost of 1,500 euros per semester — a pittance compared with the US, UK and other popular study abroad destinations.

Tuition-free universities

Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world. Source: John Macdougall / AFP

According to a relocation platform, Expatrio and the non-profit network for international students German Association for International Students (DeGiS) report, “Relocating to and Living in Germany,”, the top three factors that convinced students to study in Germany include its tuition-free universities (33%), the strong reputation of its institutions (31%) and employment opportunities (10%

Imagine being able to study at a top-ranked institution while also gaining valuable international experience without having to worry about going into debt. This could be you if you consider Here are five German tuition-free universities for international students:


Combine your academics with exciting outdoor activities. We could go on and on about the Aurora Borealis (“Northern lights”), the midnight sun, the fjords, the mountains, and so on. Nature is never far from wherever you are located in Norway.

Tuition-free universities

Norway is a small country with big resources. Source: Odd Andersen/AFP

Norway is a small country with big resources. Maintaining and developing a high-quality, open-to-all education system is a top goal for Norwegian authorities.

International students give many reasons as to why they like studying in Norway: the safe, peaceful, and technologically advanced society; the magnificent scenery; the opportunity to take part in a variety of outdoor sports and activities; and opportunities to enhance careers — both in Norway and in other countries.

Despite being a small country Norwegian universities and university colleges deliver quality education that international exchange and degree-seeking students also benefit from.

Like Germany, Norway is one of the few countries with free education for all international students, whether they come from EU/EEA countries or not. However, there is often a small semester fee of NOK300 (US$38) to NOK600 (US$77). Here are five Norwegian tuition-free universities for international students: