Progress with the International Foundation Programme at UWTSD

At the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), there’s a new and innovative way to prepare for your undergraduate studies. By obtaining a qualification from the International Foundation Programme (IFP), you’ll be accepted onto your UWTSD undergraduate degree scheme of choice.

As a university that ranks 7th in the UK for ‘Academic Experience’ in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2018, it’s easy to understand why so many aspiring students are interested in the IFP fast-track route. With a vision to transform, shape and develop futures, UWTSD is a leading institution that truly values your time, effort and academic aspirations.

What is the International Foundation Programme (IFP)?

Have you ever felt as if you need extra time to prepare for an undergraduate degree? In today’s world, sometimes your degree choice feels rushed and you need space to evaluate your decision. Quite often, students choose a course and realise halfway through that it isn’t the most suitable pathway to take. Or, that they would prefer a year to get used to the university lifestyle and settle into the routine.

That’s why the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has created the International Foundation Programme, introducing you to international student life that allows your confidence and professional skillset to flourish and grow. As the programme itself is one-year long, it gives you enough time to settle into the stunning Welsh surroundings and get to grips with the UWTSD structure.

For those who wish to experience the beauty of Wales and the professional educational expertise of UWTSD, you’ll be delighted to know that there are scholarships on offer. This means that your IFP fees could be dramatically reduced. That’s why the IFP is both cost- and time-effective. You’ll be able to buy enough time to make a firm decision about your future degree and secure your place with UWTSD.

Which IFP Progression Routes can I choose from?

With the freedom to choose from diverse routes of progression, the International Foundation Programme gives students the power to decide where their degree should lead. If you’d like to opt for an Arts, STEM or Business and Management pathway after your IFP, you’ll get to study at the vibrant Swansea campus. Or, for a humanities-based degree, you’ll be spending your time at the picturesque Lampeter campus.

As you can see from the progression routes table, you will qualify for many UG programmes at UWTSD once you’ve completed the IFP framework. The programme curriculum includes subject-specific modules, so you can merge your study units around a specific degree topic.

For example, if you’re interested in pursuing a BA in Advertising and Brand Design, your IFP course will cater to that degree. Your specific modules would be an Introduction to Art and Design (IFP Subject Module 1), Experimentation to Specialisation (IFP Subject Module 2) and Developing Specialist Practice and Preparing for Progression (IFP Subject Module 3). Alongside these topics, you would also learn about Study Skills, English for Academic Purposes and British Culture and Values.

What are the IFP entry requirements?

If you’re interested in applying for the IFP scheme at UWTSD, it would be wise to know about the entry requirements. To be accepted into the programme, the university expects you to have the equivalent of five GCSE Grades (A-C) and English language proficiency of 5.0 overall. This would include English Speaking, Reading and Listening Scores of 4.5 or above, and a Writing score of 5.0 or above.

With many Global Connections and an active International Alumni circuit, the university graciously welcomes students from all over the world. At UWTSD, you will always be supported by considerate and accommodating staff who are happy to help you with your application. As soon as you send your completed application (with all supporting documents) in by the 1st July 2018, you’ll be ready to start your IFP adventure on the 24th September 2018.

Why do students choose UWTSD?

While deciding on your next study route, it’s great to find out why other students enjoyed their UWTSD experience and how the university helped them achieve their academic aspirations.

Sonni Regan (BA Religious Studies) – “One unique thing that I would say about my course at Trinity Saint David is that the lecturers are always there if you need help. Whether you need help with an academic matter or a personal matter, the staff are there for you no matter what.”

Alec Davies (BA Motorsport Management) – “Choosing to study at UWTSD has been the best decision of my life. It’s so much more than a university as there’s a sports side, a social side and an academic side to get involved with. Plus, to be graduating from this university is amazing and I’ll treasure this experience forever.”

Simon Bennett (BSc Web Development) – “Just after graduating from the university, I managed to get a job straight away. The three years at UWTSD taught me a lot about web development and there are a lot of facilities to help you out here. I’ve loved every minute of it!”

With so much positive student feedback, it’s clear to see why the University of Wales Trinity Saint David achieved 7th place for academic experience, as well as why so many learners choose to take their studies further with the International Foundation Programme (IFP).

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