Connecting Business and Sustainability worldwide through UWTSD

Since 2010, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) has been transforming education. Classified by the Times Higher Education Survey (THE) as one of the Top 20 UK universities for academic experience, this university’s exemplary performance places it in prime position.

With three main campuses in South West Wales, each UWTSD location has its own identity. Prospective students are happy to discover that study at UWTSD doesn’t leave you feeling tied down to one campus. In fact, there’s an online movement happening here that’s motivating students to learn from whichever location suits them best!

Alongside the digital age comes an influx of digital learners. According to the 2018 PWC Digital University report, “the very nature of Higher Education, how it is delivered and the role of universities in society and the economy is changing, and will continue to change significantly in the next decade.” So, universities like UWTSD are supplying learners with the option to join an online course. By acknowledging this revolutionary shift, UWTSD students are supplied with high-quality knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom and within a dynamic digital forum.

Trapped in the past, many universities are sticking to traditional teaching methods and ignoring the progressive trends that are taking the education sector by storm. But to enhance your employability and for your degree to remain relevant, universities must blend the fundamental elements of the digital world with higher education to help secure your future.

This is why sustainability is a subject that UWTSD takes seriously, especially with regards to its MBA Sustainability Leadership online learning course. Built for aspirational learners who wish to drive sustainable practice in the workplace, students tackle contemporary business approaches and re-think existing practices through engagement in a virtual learning environment (VLE).

In relation to the UWTSD Master’s schemes, age is no barrier. As long as learners possess the relevant qualifications, they can engage with online and distance learning options. Some students prefer to continue their studies further down the line, feeling like their life is currently too hectic for full-time education and the campus is too far. Fortunately for these learners, the flexible style of the syllabus grants them the chance to merge their course with their personal schedule and study in their own space and time.

UWTSD recognises how essential it is to prioritise sustainable business practice in an ever-changing world. With smarter communication methods on the rise, technology is rapidly-transforming the way we learn and work. The framework for the MBA Sustainability Leadership programme takes into consideration future practices and economic models to formulate a multi-dimensional curriculum. Consisting of four credit-taught modules, you’ll venture into areas such as the challenges of sustainability, the critical perception of management practices, how to embed sustainability in organisations and how to effectively lead sustainable change.

Your online tutors will be there through every step of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), connecting you to your key learning resources and study groups with the latest interactive communications tools and applications. With phenomenal learner support and a virtual community of academics to communicate with, UWTSD MBA students have never felt lost or lonely on the other side of the screen.

As stated by members of the MBA Trinity Saint David student network, “the online library is invaluable for further research. Tutors and fellow students’ responses to activities further enhance understanding and promote discussion.” Additionally, students particularly liked how “tutors attempted to link each module’s activities and assessments to both contemporary issues and student’s workplaces.”

The programme provides opportunity for a stimulating and connected online learning experience led by staff informed by scholarship, professional practice and external engagement.  Through a state-of-the-art collaborative online learning experience, you will respond to a growing global need for re-thinking leadership, and collaboratively address present global challenges and opportunities with the insights, skills and influences to shape an inclusive and sustainable future for business and society.

Despite this often-challenging world of digitalisation, UWTSD understands that not everyone is confident about using technology. The MBA Sustainability Leadership programme provides a one-week induction to help familiarise learners with their new connected learning world, their co-learners, tutors and online environment, undertaking specialised activities that familiarise them with learning materials and crucial documents. At Trinity Saint David, support is attainable from day one

Since sustainability lies at the heart of this university’s strategic plan, it’s the ideal institution to pursue your world-class MBA. Through its award-winning Institute of Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness (INSPIRE), the institution embodies a hands-on approach to the subject and embeds sustainable development through learning, teaching, community and culture. By following their lead, you will also play a pivotal role in the promotion of economic renewal and social justice through your MBA experience.

What’s great about the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is the way it transforms the traditional academic structure to suit modern technological trends. Plus, by plugging your knowledge into the online programs, you’re already a step closer to a promising future. All you really need is an effective online learning environment and the willingness to let your mind do the travelling.

For more information on the UWTSD MBA Sustainability contact Dr Alex Bell, and follow UWTSD on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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