University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the postgraduate Pilot Scheme

“The fact that the University has been selected to take part in this important pilot scheme attests our commitment to meeting the requirements and responsibilities of sponsoring Tier 4 students. We are recognised for having a low refusal rate for Visa applications because of the stringent recruitment and compliance processes we’ve implemented.” – Professor Medwin Hughes DL, Vice-Chancellor, UWTSD

Formed as a merger between three Welsh higher education providers, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) is intently focused on enterprise and innovation. Here, staff and students transform ideas into tangible opportunities and solutions, landing the institution a Top 21 position in the most recent Student Experience Survey.

Students are the beating heart of UWTSD’s activities. As such, the institution has implemented a unique sustainable planning framework that encompasses, nurtures, enhances and promotes the development of diverse academics across a range of disciplines.

While UWTSD has always been a popular choice among the international student market, the brand-new Waterfront Innovation Quarter in Swansea means there has never been a more exciting time to submit your application. This purpose-built facility brings students one step closer to the beach – a seaside playground that all members of the UWTSD community make use of and enjoy. The new building actively seeks teamwork and co-operation between the university, local start-ups and employers, exposing students to a wealth of industry opportunities from the start of their Welsh student adventure.

In addition to industry-centred programmes, UWTSD is well known for its work in enterprise education and entrepreneurship – a commitment that reflects in the high number of graduate start-up companies that began as little more than a humble idea at UWTSD.

By expertly combining traditional higher education with vocational, professional and academic research activities, UWTSD refines graduates who are readily equipped with relevant workplace experience. These industry-ready change-makers possess confidence that makes them desirable, on top of being dedicated to lifelong learning and becoming highly-respected members of any professional team.

Whether you have already earned an undergraduate degree and aim to further elevate your knowledge; you are eager to pursue a lifelong, burning passion; or you are seeking a shift in career and are chasing that sought-after promotion, UWTSD’s postgraduate (PG) portfolio has the goods you undoubtedly need. Subjects include Business, Architecture, the Arts, Design and Engineering, and with part-time, full-time and online/distance learning options up for grabs, PG studies at this institution will allow your career to thrive.

The university’s spirit of inclusiveness and community has been noticed by those who matter most, since UWTSD has been selected as one of only two Welsh universities to take part in a UK government-funded pilot scheme aimed at UK-bound foreign students. Only 27 universities from the entire UK region have been chosen to take part, with the strategy aiming to simplify the visa application process for prospective Master’s students.

“It is very much appreciated that these efforts have led to this offer of participation in what is a very exciting pilot scheme,” says Professor Medwin Hughes, Vice-Chancellor of the university. “UWTSD of course recognises the on-going responsibility this brings and we will ensure that the high level of compliance we have maintained in this area continues throughout the pilot period and beyond.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to welcome more international students to the university through this scheme and to further enhance our global relationship and developing the next generation of global citizens.”

The scheme will provide a number of invaluable benefits to international learners, including:

  • A six-month extension to your visa expiration date, allowing you to remain in the UK to look for work upon completion of your studies.
  • You will be granted a ‘low-risk’ status for immigration purposes, significantly cutting down the documentation you need to submit along with your visa application.
  • You will not need to provide evidence of your previous qualifications after gaining a place at UWTSD, and you will not be interviewed by UKVI before being issued your visa. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that the university will review your paperwork and conduct its own interview, and that UKVI can still request documentary evidence or an interview if they choose. You will also still need to adhere to Tier 4 Immigration rules.

“The freedom and self-direction of the Master’s course allowed me to expand my skill base with a project that I am really enthusiastic about,” says Ben Hammonds, student of MA Transportation Design at UWTSD. “The lecturers are always available to offer advice – and don’t be surprised if they get as enthusiastic about your project as you are,” he adds.

“The University has a wealth of tools and resources as well as the opportunity to engage with peers and industry professionals. I would highly recommend this Master’s course to anyone who is considering furthering their education.”

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