Niagara Christian Collegiate: Inspiring students through an inclusive learning community
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Niagara Christian Collegiate: Inspiring students through an inclusive learning community

Built on a foundation of family-like relationships and life-changing values, Niagara Christian Collegiate (NCC) in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada, offers traditional day-student programmes for middle and secondary school years (Grades 6-12), with full dormitory boarding and homestay options during the academic year.

Situated on 129 acres of campus grounds adjacent to the spectacular Niagara River and a short drive from Toronto, the school’s strategic location offers the ultimate international study experience for young, ambitious explorers.

NCC also hosts an array of interactive and engaging summer camps. With its year-round learning approach, collaboration with this institution transforms learners into integral members of a global community.

Authentic Learning Experiences

To prepare Middle and Secondary School students for real-world challenges and future professional prospects, Niagara Christian Collegiate conducts lessons with small class sizes and dynamic school facilities, including the student recreation centre and the creative art studio.

Source: Niagara Christian Collegiate

Over the years, NCC has developed a positive school environment that nurtures all students as they undertake their academic terms.

For Grade 12 students, the collegiate hosts a ‘University Week’ each semester. As one of NCC’s many authentic learning experiences, the event helps boost young learners’ career development.

By mimicking life at university, the scheme equips students with the skills needed to prosper beyond NCC. Instead of classroom settings, students are taught by university professors who deliver insightful lectures.

Along with a change of scenery, the week exposes NCC learners to the same class content that a typical university student would enjoy. They’ll experience a greater amount of homework, an increased understanding of complex concepts and realistic study deadlines.

In favour of maximising the professional growth of students, Principal Chris Baird states that, “NCC has been concerned with the statistics coming out of Canadian universities which highlight the difficulties that students experience upon entering their first year of post-secondary education. Too often students are under-prepared for what is to come.”

So, with the University Week and the guidance of high-quality professors, students leave prepared to enter some of the top universities in Ontario, including the University of Toronto, McMaster University, Queens University and the University of Ottawa.

Outstanding Graduate Outcomes

As a university-style campus, NCC boasts an international network of world-leading colleges and companies.

Since 1969, NCC has supplied students with an International Study Program, encouraging applicants to reach their personal goals. From intensive English language learning workshops to TOEFL, IELTS and SAT Preparation classes, it’s the ideal introduction to university life.


Currently, the collegiate has students from 18 countries studying on campus, inspiring to an enhanced understanding of cultures from around the world while refining an incredibly diverse community of innovators, intellectuals and creatives.

To reassure students who are nervous about their upcoming Canadian study adventure, NCC has dedicated support services in place to ensure everyone settles in well. Here, state-of-the-art dormitories have a Residence Director and Residence Mentor living on site, while school counsellors are always available for a warm and welcoming chat. 

NCC’s Home Stay Program offers students the chance to experience Canadian culture while living with a carefully matched family. International learners get to stay with alumni members, faculty members, staff members, families of Canadian students, and other long-standing friends of the school.

By making every student feel like an extended part of the Niagara Christian community, it’s no surprise that the school has a longstanding track record of outstanding graduate outcomes.

As NCC’s 2018 Salutatorian, Dabira Akinwumi states in the latest edition of The Collegian, “Our graduating class is truly a testament to the great foundation that NCC tirelessly establishes in its students.”

Never underestimate the power of NCC

With a 100 percent acceptance rate for students wishing to attend post-secondary institutions and 97 percent of NCC graduates attending post-secondary programs (average over the last five years), this school is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Through a comprehensive curriculum and a Christian Lifestyle Program that involves weekly chapel services, community projects, outreach activities and mission trips, NCC learners graduate with a deep-rooted appreciation for cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Kickstarting her studies at Niagara Christian Collegiate, Janelle DeWaard-Silva is a student who graduated from the school with a flair for social work and unconditional faith in God.

Source: Niagara Christian Collegiate

As De-Waard Silva told The Collegian, “I loved my experience at NCC and it has shaped what I do today. Because of the time I spent there, I became interested in mission work and the school offered me many opportunities to connect and interact with a diverse array of cultures.”

“My mission to Guatemala was incredible and NCC allowed me to study a whole semester in Brazil. With a vast selection of cross-cultural experiences and an exposure to an assortment of different languages, I’m forever thankful for the adventures,” she adds.

By promoting global Christian citizenship, treating their community with unconditional respect and empowering students from around the world with a proactive approach to holistic development, learners consistently fulfil their potential at Niagara Christian Collegiate.

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