Millersville University: Connecting passion with purpose
Millersville University

Believing in the ‘power of we’, the Millersville University (MU) student experience is unlike any other in the United States of America.

As one of the most affordable colleges on offer, Millersville takes pride in connecting student passions to a long list of purposeful undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

An Appetite for Ambition

If you’re searching for an international study experience that helps shape your skills and intellect, it’s certainly worth developing your talents with Millersville.

Powered by an appetite for ambition, MU aims to take your academic abilities to the next level. As you can see through the virtual campus tour, this school is always looking to improve the student experience, consistently making innovative adjustments to facilities and building new areas for learners to use.

“During my time at Millersville University, my adviser recognized my ability and encouraged me to keep pushing forward especially during times when it was extremely challenging,” says Dr. Melissa Burt, a successful Millersville graduate.

“The ongoing support and mentorship by my adviser and the department faculty played an intricate role in my success. In my experience, the professors are more than just teachers; they are mentors who truly care about their students and their future successes.”

While many higher education providers claim to look after their students, Millersville ensures everyone is treated as an individual and nurtures unique passion.

Sticking to the concept of strength by numbers, this college believes in teamwork and collaboration. That’s why, if you want to share your ambitions with people who will show respect, MU is undoubtedly the perfect place for you.

Partnering Passion with Purpose

If you’ve chosen a specific study route but want to dive into other disciplines in your spare time, Millersville provides plenty of experiential initiatives for you to join and to pursue your interests.

Millersville University

Hosting more than 150 student organizations, the university enhances your work ethic with campus recreation schemes and outdoor programs. By taking part in these engaging and exhilarating events, you’ll acquire real-world experience that benefits your professional portfolio.

There are also multicultural programs available to help you recognize and celebrate differences within the campus and surrounding community. And with the university’s culture of inclusion and equality, there’s so much to experience here.

What’s great about the Millersville multifunctional style of learning is that in the global industry, employers love to see it on your CV. It shows them you’re adaptable and ready to take on a challenge, regardless of your chosen subject.

So by partnering your passions with purpose, you’ll transform them into personal USPs. It’s a win-win situation, as you’ll be doing what you love while demonstrating your ambitious outlook on life.

Strong Student-Faculty Bond

Opportunities are everywhere at MU. Often coordinated by the Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) office, the school offers a vast database filled with possibilities.

But it’s not only the Millersville resources that are beneficial. Academic success also has a lot do with the powerful bond between students and staff members. By earning the trust of international learners, students here feel safe and secure throughout their time in Pennsylvania.

As Piano Performance student, Anyi Cai, from China states, “The staff have established a global education group here at MU. It’s a great group that focuses on the lives of international students and there are amazing activities and events to get involved with.”

Millersville University

Additionally, the faculties at MU have helped overseas learners settle in and encourage them to enjoy every second of their study abroad experience by visiting surrounding areas and making the most of on-campus entertainment.

As Cai explains, “I’ve visited the nearby cities like Baltimore, Washington DC and Philadelphia, however there’s something that I love about Millersville. It’s peaceful, quiet and there’s a slow pace of life. The people here are always welcoming and polite and I’ve enjoyed participating in the music concerts and watching the shows.”

Made in Millersville

From everlasting friendships with your college colleagues to pioneering research that impacts the world, there are many memories and purposeful projects to be made in Millersville.

To display extraordinary student efforts, creative and scholarly work has the chance to be reviewed by visiting professionals at the revered annual showcase. This enables MU learners to convert feedback into positive development and reveals a pathway for professional growth.

By exposing your talents through a public platform, the university prioritizes your potential and pushes you to succeed. Millersville wants you to make the most of what you’ve learned throughout your program, urging you to merge this with your inner ambitions.

During your time at MU, you’ll be introduced to a range of credit-bearing internships and community engagement schemes. These are great ways to expand your graduate prospects, showing future employers your willingness to participate in extra-curricular activities and your interest in the civic sector.

Most importantly, there are no restrictions on your creativity at MU. With a faculty dedicated to your success plus multidisciplinary learning techniques, you’ll achieve everything and more here, at Millersville.

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