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Affordability at Millersville

Millersville University in Lancaster County understands how expensive it can be for international students to study abroad. Since the American study dream places a heavy amount of financial strain on international student aspirations, it can often lead to neglected opportunities.

That’s why Millersville has formed a funding strategy to help international students pursue their studies in Pennsylvania. By reducing the out-of-state tuition rate by an incredible US$6000, all incoming freshmen have the fantastic chance to receive first-class education at a lower price. As long as you submit your application in as quickly as you can, you will secure your space at this outstanding university.

So, if you’re an international student who’s intending to study on a US student visa, you should take a closer look at pursuing a course at Millersville. From a vast program selection, you have the option to combine your desired subject with a dynamic study environment. Not only will you get to visit the US and experience the extraordinary culture, you’ll also receive a bonus since you’ll be building your academic expertise.

To support your journey, the university has provided a helpful guide to get you started. Just as the Millersville president, John M. Anderson, states within the brochure, “The academic, cultural and social climate at Millersville is very stimulating, and the quality of our faculty makes this a wonderful place to study, live and work. You will have access to our state-of-the-art facilities, brand-new residence halls, nationally ranked programs and so much more. The opportunities for you are endless.”

No matter where you’re from in the world or how far you’ve traveled to get to the wonderful Lancaster County campus, everyone at Millersville is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Millersville Opportunities

Alongside an impressive academic structure, there’s also a remarkable study location to match (as you can see from the virtual tour).  Set in Lancaster County (LC), there are endless amounts of hidden social hotspots just waiting to be discovered.

From campus, you can catch a five-minute bus to the downtown area of LC and explore the finest local entertainment on offer. Why not de-stress from your studies by watching comedy productions or by checking out a local gig at a trendy music venue?

Labeled by Forbes as one of the Coolest US Cities to Visit in 2018, the “newly hip Victorian city is just three hours from New York City and is still one of the US’s best-kept secrets.” Linked by cobblestone streets and historic buildings, the city’s repurposed warehouses and hipster cafes offer dynamic spaces for you to spend your study breaks. The prime downtown area sits close to Millersville and NYC, you won’t have to travel far to experience the American way of life.

There are plenty of extra-curricular activities students can get involved with. In terms of Athletics, get to know fellow Millersville learners by joining a sports team and playing regular matches. Or, if you’d prefer something a little less active, there are many other student organizations that are up for grabs.

If you want to use your time at Millersville to understand the value of social responsibility and appreciate diversity, there’s also the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL). Or, if you’re searching for an organization that will provide extra support, there’s the Millersville Mentoring Alliance Program (MMAP) to help stimulate your passion for lifelong learning and prepare your skillset for an increasingly diverse world.

Millersville Eligibility

If the idea of studying at the Millersville campus and exploring Lancaster County excites you, you might want to find out about the eligibility of the recently reduced rate. Since US$6000 is a huge amount to save, it’s better to apply now then miss out on such an incredible opportunity!

As stated on the funding page, there are a few requirements you should note down for eligibility purposes. One key point is that only international students who are admitted for the Fall 2018 semester slot onwards are allowed to receive the tuition reduction. They must also earn 12 or more credits per semester to keep the reduced rate and maintain a superb academic standing.

If you do decide to apply and you’re eligible for the discount, the admissions office must first receive the official receipt from your previous institution. Once you’ve been admitted, the office will notify you in writing and let you know that you’ve been granted access to study at Millersville.

Please note that this is not a scholarship, it’s a tuition reduction. But you may still qualify and apply for merit-based scholarships to assist with additional costs. Additionally, international students can receive the discounted price for up to eight semesters and must be F-1 visa holders.

If you want to find out further information about the process, Millersville has a team of Academic Counselors on hand to answer any of your questions and walk you through your application and arrival. Every step of the way, the university is there to help you achieve your career aspirations by connecting academic affordability to future opportunities. After all, it’s all part of the Millersville University Promise.

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