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“It’s a very exciting time to be part of Torrens University as it establishes its presence as part of a global network of education, which is focused around the business of education and about providing the right environment for our students to flourish.” – Professor Justin Beilby, Vice-Chancellor, Torrens University

Media Design School – New Zealand’s most awarded tertiary institution and Torrens University – Australia’s revered international university have joined up to design a suite of digital and creative technology programs exclusive to students in Australia.

This innovative, collaborative effort puts students face to face with powerful creative industries in Australia, New Zealand and across the world. Impactful connections such as these enhance students’ ability to take risks and break through discipline boundaries, re-energising the field of emerging digital technologies.

These brand-new study options reflect the rapid technological growth of the 21st century. Design is the beating heart of this development – a field that promises a lifetime of progression and satisfaction, not to mention its status as one that pays the big bucks.

The evolution of the internet and smart technologies have seen art and design re-emerge with a wealth of new opportunities.

As such, designers have been catapulted to the top of corporate hierarchies, and now serve as the beating heart of pretty much everything in popular culture. This silent revolution has largely been spawned by progression in graphic, interactive, and motion design. But integral to the business of design are the global IT and engineering sectors.

“There’s just an obvious need in the economy for these types of services,” says James Noe, analyst from financial information company Sageworks.

“Everyone uses computers and businesses rely heavily on technology now, so in my mind, it’s a no-brainer that these types of services are growing fairly quickly.”

That’s why Media Design School’s Bachelor of Software Engineering, with a specialist route in Game Programming, is serving global industry demand, producing qualified graduates who feed the technology boom. It’s a course that produces leaders, movers and shakers of the prosperous gaming business.

A game programmer is a specialist software engineer who develops video game and related applications that enable user interaction. Game programming is an umbrella term that encapsulates a number of specialist disciplines, all of which are focussed at Media Design School.

The course itself combines core elements of theory, research and practice with advanced programming expertise as applied in the game development field.  Seamless integration of industry concepts and opportunities for hands-on practice instils students with the investigative, analytical, creative and critical skillset needed to go into the world and thrive.

Through industry-standard productions and networking events, aspiring game developers at the Media Design School grow into holistic individuals, nurturing the valuable ‘soft skills’ employers actively seek.

“Thanks to the partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), you will develop games for PlayStation® platform through the PlayStation® First Academic Development Program,” the faculty explains.

“You will learn C++ and other coding languages and work with Unity and Unreal – the two main engines for game development. By the time you are ready to graduate, you will have collaborated with fellow programmers and game artists to create a commercially viable game.

“When becoming a Game Programmer, you’ll learn best while doing. You’ll code, you’ll craft and, in the end, you’ll graduate with a portfolio like no other.”

Core subjects include:

  • Maths 1
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Networking and Database Systems
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Social Enterprise

Specialisation subjects include:

  • Game Design Principles
  • Maths 2
  • 2D Game Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence and Physics for Games
  • 3D Graphics Programming
  • Rapid Game Prototype
  • Pre-production Capstone 1
  • Production Capstone 2

One of many perks in this course at Media Design School lies in the option for students to pursue an integrated international study experience, allowing you to evolve into an adaptable global graduate long before you even finish your degree! On top of this, you’ll benefit from small class sizes of up to just 25 students, and the addition of a fast-tracked program means you can earn your qualification in just two years.

Media Design School has created a name for itself in revolutionising pro-active, student-led learning that rejects the conventional one-size-fits-all education approach.

Graduates of this school do well across the board, with the transferrable skills imbued ensuring they’re top of their game long before entering the professional field. This makes them highly employable across sectors far beyond the realm of design, and on a global scale.

Here, aspiring engineers don’t need to hold back on their dreams and ambitions – hard work, determination and a network of experienced staff for support will bring your career into fruition. This all starts at Media Design School.

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