Torrens University: a great value MBA that takes the practical route
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Torrens University: a great value MBA that takes the practical route

The Laureate International University group is an exclusive network of more than 80 campus-based and online higher education institutions spanning all the world’s continents. These prestigious universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to more than one million students, representing the largest global network of degree-granting academies and a diverse international community.

These universities are renowned for their student-centric ethos and practice-based tuition, all of which is offered at an impressively affordable rate. These factors come together to create commendable graduates who are independent thinkers and ‘work-ready’ global citizens who leave eager to delve into the professional sphere.

This is especially true among Laureate MBA graduates…

“Getting an education is an important part of success in today’s business world,” notes The COBE Report. “It’s competitive out there, and the more educated you are, the better your chances of landing a good job are. That’s why getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is so important – education leads to opportunities.



“An MBA graduate is an extremely valuable asset to an organisation… MBA students learn different techniques and skills that can help businesses. Some companies plan to hire MBA students, maybe even paying for current students to go back to school and get an MBA.”

The practical and international experience gained through an MBA at a Laureate institution is unparalleled. With this in mind, students of the MBA at Torrens University, Australia’s newest and most dynamic higher education institution and distinguished representative of the Laureate group, come top of the heap for the modern-day employer.

In 2015, Torrens expanded its catalogue of courses and industry partnerships to offer students the best possible opportunities. Among these were brand-new, career-focused and industry-aligned MBAs that grant students invaluable real-world experience and professional connections spanning 28 countries.

Torrens’ contemporary MBA courses are designed to provide experienced career professionals with flexible study options to enhance their knowledge and skills, and above all boost career prospects. A practical and interdisciplinary approach that incorporates teamwork, ethical decision making and strategic planning grants students a deep, comprehensive understanding of a complex business environment, on both a domestic and international level.



“Chifley Business School at Torrens University Australia’s programs have been designed in consultation with industry for industry, and are geared towards tomorrow’s leaders and innovators,” says Professor Justin Beilby, Vice Chancellor at Torrens University.

“All MBA students can take advantage of a flexible study structure, multiple entry points throughout the year, a technology-enriched learning environment and the opportunity to connect with both Chifley’s network of 10,000 alumni and Laureate International Universities’ business students and professionals around the globe,” he adds.

Both the MBA and the MBA (Advanced) – delivered in 16 units as opposed to 12 in the year-long MBA – equip graduates with the leadership skills sought after by employers, and a knowledge-base that is becoming increasingly relevant in the modern world.

One of our MBA students sharing her experience about studying at Torrens University Australia

Posted by Chifley Business School at Torrens University Australia on Monday, 23 November 2015

On top of this, Torrens MBAs are regarded as providing excellent value for money. Chifley Business School was ranked in the Top 10 Value for Money by the Australian Financial Review’s MBA Boss Ranking in 2011, 2013 and 2014, and the School is consistently ranked among the Top 20 MBA providers in Australia.

Torrens MBAs allow students to hone in on one of two vital business specialisms; Technology Management or Project Management, depending which best suits their future goals and aspirations.

Those who choose to focus on Technology Management obtain recognised expertise in both the current and future impact of technology within the fast-paced business sector, something that becomes increasingly important in a time that’s heavily dependent on technological advancement. The curriculum is developed and delivered by leaders in the fields of engineering, science and other technical professions, providing invaluable insights that are otherwise near-impossible to come by for such an affordable rate.



Students at the other end of the scale would opt for Project Management, ideal for those seeking a foot in the door to future company leadership. Here, students learn the optimum techniques for managing company projects, all totally relevant to the modern business workplace. The curriculum is both developed and delivered by leaders in the field, and Torrens boasts an impressive contingent of alumni who hold leadership roles in mining, architecture, project management and engineering.

It is a course that’s specially designed to develop cognitive, technical and creative skills so students leave confident in their ability to make sound decisions within a complex, global context. Industry-focused tasks instil a strong business acumen in all budding graduates, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones to lead a team of people, or take charge of a growing enterprise. Everything learned as part of Torrens’ MBA is credible and up-to-date, meaning students leave immediately ready to apply what they’ve learned in their new business venture – whatever it may be.


This article was sponsored by Torrens University Australia. Torrens brings a fresh, modern and careers-focused perspective to global higher education. The institution forms part of the Laureate International Universities group, a leading international network that is focused on quality and innovation among 80 higher education institutions based in 29 countries. Torrens’ business qualifications are respected throughout the industry due to the strong reputations of Chifley Business School and APM College of Business and Communication. With specialisms in international business, leadership and management, marketing, public relations, event management, business administration and commerce, combined with Torrens’ globally oriented curriculum and its membership to the Laureate International University network, graduates can be assured that their Torrens qualification will be a CV highlight.

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