McNeese State University: An unforgettable student experience
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For an unforgettable study abroad experience, you may want to consider one of the best regional universities in the US…

A home away from home for students from over 45 countries, McNeese State University embraces learners from all backgrounds and encourages everyone to explore their future with self-assurance and ambition.

By welcoming you onto a student-centric campus, McNeese sweeps you away with a wealth of engaging events, diverse societies and outreach support initiatives available to all learners.

From learners to leaders

From the very start of your McNeese student experience until the very end, you’ll be taken on a transformative journey of learning, research and teamwork where you’ll evolve from a young learner into a confident leader.

As one of the most diverse colleges in Louisiana, McNeese understands that international students have to overcome the challenges of culture shock and homesickness before they feel comfortable in their surroundings. That’s why the university has specialised support for new learners and a mentorship programme in place to maintain multicultural engagement.

Computer Science and Mathematics student, Omar Zayed from Egypt, particularly loved this about McNeese. As he states, “The International Office here is very helpful and as it’s a close-knit campus community, you’ll have more time to get to know professors and receive professional guidance that will shape your career.”

Omar Zayed. Source: Study International

Zayed also discovered that McNeese has a multitude of opportunities for learners to make use of, “Firstly, I was able to be a teaching assistant for kids in a summer course and taught them the fundamentals of computer science. I also joined in with many community service events and became a member of Pi Kappa Phi where I held executive positions and engaged with the Ability Experience.”

One of the many opportunities offered through Student Life and campus organizations at McNeese, allowing you to unleash your inner leader, the Ability Experience promotes the abilities of all people and works to eliminate the labels that unfairly define members of today’s generation – especially those living with disabilities. By taking part, students like Zayed have the chance to work on entrepreneurial projects such as startups and a creative robotics camp!

Internships and industry insights

With several multi-national companies in the local area, McNeese is a hub for career development and insightful work opportunities.

By merging theories and concepts learned during lectures, students have the freedom to practice new-found knowledge in inclusive, integrated working environments.

According to a Chemical Engineering student from Zimbabwe, Lillian Mambiri, internships and industry insights are leading advantages to the McNeese experience. As she explains, “This university offers courses that give students credit for volunteering and opens doors to internships at multinational companies. Opportunities like this help by exposing students to hands-on experiences and introducing them to real-world challenges.”

Lillian Mambiri. Source: McNeese State University

Mambiri also adds, “McNeese will provide you with the right tools to be successful. It is affordable and not too big or small, which means teachers can focus on students individually.”

The university also serves as an economic and workforce development partner for Southwest Louisiana employers seeking well-prepared employees.

Consistently producing job-ready graduates who aren’t ready to leave their US study experience behind and are eager to explore new territories, McNeese State stays beside you every step of the way, helping to define your career path and propel you towards success in the competitive world of work.

Plus, through the Career and Student Development Centre, you’ll be regularly updated with local job offerings, CV enhancement workshops and campus-based networking events.

A Truly Global Education

Alongside a commitment to providing current and future generations with innovative academic programmes, McNeese serves the needs of learners in search of a meaningful US education.

Originally from Nepal, Computer Science & Mathematics student, Vanessa Lama, is one of the many international students who’s embracing McNeese student life, both on and off-campus.

“After listening to students’ recommendations, McNeese appealed to me because of its quality education and affordable tuition. As a student worker here in the International Programmes at McNeese, I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and now work with students from all over the world.”

Source: McNeese State University

Lama also appreciates the community spirit that flows through the McNeese learning environments. “The campus is lively,” she says, “the library is incredible and many students are happy to have conversations. Everyone is warm and welcoming here so you’ll never feel alone!”

Located in the heart of Lake Charles, the college has established lifelong connections with nearby companies and global businesses. By becoming a McNeese graduate, not only will your skills be in high-demand among potential employers, you’ll also leave the university with memories that will last a lifetime and a future-proof portfolio to prove it!

So, if you’re ready to take on the ultimate study abroad adventure, it’s time to construct, create and drive your future towards success with McNeese State University!

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