McNeese State University: Connect to a student-centered education

As one of US News & World Report’s Top Public Schools in 2018, and one of the most Diverse Colleges in Louisiana, McNeese State University has made its mark on the international education sector.

Attracting students from an extensive range of backgrounds and home countries, this student-centric university supplies a safe and secure study environment for all.

Educational leaders of Louisiana

Situated in Lake Charles, a growing hub of energy innovation that still has a small-town feel, McNeese State University is recognized both locally and internationally as an academic leader.

With an exceptional standard of teaching and a drive for training future innovators, the 121-acre main campus consists of a resource-rich library, an impressive athletics complex, state of the art laboratory facilities and nearly 1,600 acres of donated farm property that’s used for McNeese research, farming and ranching purposes.

For aspiring learners looking to study abroad in America with an established institution, McNeese State is certainly a first-rate choice. From the extensive range of degrees on offer, you’ll have the freedom to choose a study route that will kickstart your career.

With McNeese’s innovative college collection, you can dedicate your skills to the fields of finance, social sciences, humanities, agricultural sciences, computer science, engineering and more. Or, if you’d like to further your academic experience and opt for postgraduate study, you can pursue your goals with quality programs at William J. Dore’, Sr. School of Graduate Studies.

Individualized and influential learning

Have you ever worried about going to a new university and feeling lost in a crowd of freshmen? Or have you ever felt concerned that the university will treat you as just another student, without getting to know you or your academic aspirations?

If yes, you’ll be pleased to know that McNeese State University has considered this as well. By building an inclusive campus that allows you to explore personal passions through double majors or minors, you have the opportunity to merge your studies with subjects such as music, fine arts or theater to complement your degree.

Along with this personalized approach, McNeese promotes the use of faculty and student research. By working one-on-one with faculty mentors, learners engage with dynamic projects and get to use the research and development laboratories.

With a small student to faculty ratio and hands-on research schemes, McNeese learners receive the specialized attention they deserve and develop into well-rounded individuals.

Life-changing campus community

When you join the McNeese campus community, you’ll be connected to a positive network of students and staff members united by team spirit. To ensure everyone is treated fairly, the university encourages students to take part in regular team-building activities and engaging student-run organizations.

At the recreational complex, you can work on your wellbeing by attending aerobics classes and visiting the wellness center, or swimming in the Olympic-sized pool.  With regards to your professional mindset, you can seek advice and easily apply for internships at the career and student development center.

Once students become an integral part of the McNeese student community, they often feel that their lives change for the better. The campus itself isn’t as overwhelming as other universities in America, so there’s a higher chance that learners enjoy their international study experience.

The fluent interaction between students and faculty allows lifelong friendships to flourish. That’s why, at McNeese State University, your peers and professors soon turn into an extended family.

Industry-led initiatives

By highlighting the importance of industry-led initiatives, McNeese motivates students to reach out to employers in the early stages of their studies.

As business management student, Kamon Ange, explains, “Having a degree from a competitive university like McNeese is the best investment you can make. There are a lot of opportunities here for students to get involved and grow, not only academically, but also as individuals.”

With links to local industries, there are plenty of internship and co-op opportunities available through Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Noted as one of the fastest growing cities in America, it’s the perfect time to acquire work experience in Lake Charles.

Opportunity is everywhere at McNeese. As many multi-national companies operate from the Lake Charles area and partner with McNeese through the IIEC, it’s a great place to meet prospective employers.

Globally-aware graduates

McNeese State University wants you to explore your future. With nearly 500 international students from over 45 countries, the college’s networking and collaborative opportunities know no bounds.

In April 2018, a team of three McNeese students, one from Egypt, one from Nepal, and one from the US won a prestigious business pitch competition. By combining their entrepreneurial skills and acknowledging their potential, the group demonstrated the power of their university education and the power of collaboration.

From day one, McNeese motivates you to develop your professional portfolio and introduces you to the art of CV writing and face-to-face interview techniques. Staff here also help you create a career path around visa requirements and industry demands.

During and after your McNeese study experience, you’ll never feel lost or alone, and staff remain at your service during the postgraduate OPT employment period. By having a vast and supportive network of alumni, donors and friends, it’s clear that your relationship with this university will be everlasting.

Through innovative leadership, inclusive community spirit and passion-led study sessions, McNeese State University masters the student-centered education. The time to learn in Louisiana is now!

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