McNeese State University: Producing successful graduates for the modern job market

When you begin studying at university one of the last things on your mind is what happens after you graduate. You want excitement, a buzzing city, passionate lecturers, likeminded peers, and fantastic facilities. But when your time at university does come to an end, naturally you want promising career prospects too.

McNeese State University provides the perfect balance. Unlike so many universities, McNeese doesn’t forget you the second they wave you off after graduation. The university provides career support and advice to students after graduation, as well as ensuring they are as ready as possible for employment before the big day.

“McNeese is consistently ranked as one of the top regional universities in the South, so it was evident that I would encounter quality education and faculty there,” said Ana, a McNeese graduate. Ana is the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Program Officer at the Children’s Home Society of Florida and claims her experience at McNeese “helped [her] narrow [her] career focus” down.

The support and guidance – or lack thereof in some cases – from universities can make or break a student. McNeese gives students and graduates much of what they need to succeed at landing that all-important first job.

Graduate Shahishnuta Singh (Rosy) said “the university [were] very helpful and supportive to me in various ways,” both during her studies and after graduation when she moved back to her home country, Nepal.

Rosy in her shop in Nepal

Rosy was inspired “to establish an art and craft related business in Nepal” after completing a course on her program. The services provided and the staff themselves, full of enthusiasm for their subjects, make McNeese the productive and ambitious environment it is.

The “International Office was always my favourite,” claimed Rosy, as the staff were so friendly and eager to help. “They tried their best to support me even though I was not in the country,” Rosy said.

McNeese graduate Nanaawawu (Nana) M. Adeoye agrees. “The International Office was willing to work with my unique situation and they have an open office policy where you can talk to anyone anytime,” Nana claimed.


“Everyone I came across was like family away from home, and this helped me psychologically as well as emotionally,” she continued.

The McNeese Alumni Association provides innovative programs and services that “strengthen alumni ties”. Graduates are able to keep in contact with the university and seek help and support while they find their feet in the job market.

Getting a job is undoubtedly a crucial reason to get a degree, but McNeese recognises there is so much more to studying than that. The university boast an abundance of student organizations for students to immerse themselves in. There are over 100 registered organizations at McNeese, so no matter where your interests lie you will be able to explore them with others who share your passion.

Becoming a part of an organization is a huge part of the collegiate experience that McNeese offers. Studies find time and time again that students who throw themselves into university life in this way are much more likely to graduate, be more satisfied with their time in college, and develop the leadership and life skills necessary to prosper after graduation.

In the modern job market a degree alone simply isn’t enough to set graduates apart. Employers want more; they want those who have shown commitment, leadership, and communication skills, on top of their academic success. While these skills certainly can be shown in the classroom, it is what happens outside of the classroom that makes candidates stand out.

“The key was involvement,” said Ana. “I made sure I was involved in clubs, in my classes, and with my peers and professors. The result of this was an outstanding resume, incredible support, and a preparedness for the hard work that I am currently exerting in my career.”

The opportunity to be involved with the world outside of your university bubble is immensely valuable. The location is what initially attracts many students to McNeese. The university is situated in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The city is home to a tight-knit community which welcomes its friendly student population. Both the locals and students stamp their own identities on the city which makes for a unique environment.

“I had been in Louisiana before and I love the people, the food and the culture,” said graduate Amaury Amin.

“Considering that the school is located in a relatively small city, I knew I would encounter opportunities to network with and learn from successful individuals in the careers I was considering,” said Ana, “something that is hard to come by in big cities unless you know the right people.”

“I spent a lot of time at McNeese cultivating relationships with faculty and staff, both in my department and at the International Office,” she said. “These relationships became crucial after graduation, as they provided me with sage advice for the search process, and later positive references during the application process.”

Whatever you are looking for at university you will no doubt discover it at McNeese. From a thriving student community to the expansive range of organizations; from the many networking opportunities in the city, to the outstanding graduate prospects. McNeese is a home away from home which takes students in as eager first-years and propels them into the job market equipped with everything they need to succeed.

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