McNeese State University: Investing in your future

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Nestled in the suburbs of Lake Charles, Louisiana, McNeese State University is the choice higher education provider for 7,500 ambitious students. This year, for the fifth year running, McNeese proudly received recognition from U.S. News and World Report – one of the most respected university ranking bodies in the United States – further cementing its position as one of the best institutions in the Louisiana region, and earning its place among the nation’s top universities.

“Here at McNeese State University the phrase ‘excellence with a personal touch’ is more than just a slogan,” says Dr Philip C. Williams, President of McNeese. “It is the heart and soul of our campus culture,” he notes. “It is the culture we want you to experience as soon as you encounter one of our enthusiastic students, proud alumni, committed faculty or dedicated staff.”

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Since its foundation in 1939, the University has refined its academics and curricula in such a way that it now provides a breadth and depth of study that leads students to success regardless of their discipline. Through its six reputed Colleges – Business, Education, Engineering and Computer Science, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Health Professions, and Science and Agriculture – McNeese has carved its name on the global education stage. The McNeese College of Business, for example, has earned a place among the world’s top five percent of business schools accredited by the AACSB International, while the College of Engineering has been ranked third in the U.S. in terms of career Return on Investment (ROI), with graduates reporting a 20-year net ROI of between US$1,079,600 and US$1,104,600.

“McNeese has received a lot of national attention over the past four years for its outstanding academic programs and affordability,” says Williams, referencing the fact that for the same price as a small family car, students can earn a globally-recognized four-year degree from McNeese, allowing them to earn a million dollars more over their lifetime. “…This announcement…that the College of Engineering now ranks third among all engineering schools in the nation in terms of career [ROI] – topping all engineering programs in the state of Louisiana – is especially good news,” he states.

“Success and recognition as an engineering professional have more to do with the program quality than the university name,” Williams explains. “The McNeese engineering program is nationally-accredited by the ABET and our faculty work closely with area industry to ensure that our graduates are well prepared and job-ready on day one.”

This is a notion that seeps through all the courses at McNeese, hosting a wealth of career-centered and practically-focused programs. In fact, the institution stands as the second U.S. university to offer an innovation minor alongside all majors, showing students how they can nurture the spark of an idea, then communicate its concept to commercialize the product – all of which are applicable and sought-after skills within all business settings and employment environments.

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As a testament to McNeese’s commitment to producing competent and employable graduates, the institution’s Office of International Programs facilitates Optional Practical Training (OPT), an incredibly attractive offering for all international applicants, giving F-1 students the chance to gain valuable work experience within the United States. Generally, non-native students choose to pursue OPT upon completion of their Bachelor’s or Master’s program, including paid employment for at least 20-hours per week, working for multiple employers, working for hire, working on a self-employed basis, or undertaking unpaid voluntary work. Not only does this grant students the real-world work experience they so crucially need, it also allows them to forge meaningful networks and gain priceless industry insights long before they graduate, meaning they thrive from the very moment they enter the professional sphere.

McNeese students of all majors have had the option to pursue internship positions relevant to their respective disciplines, allowing them to gain invaluable experience with hundreds of corporations, including medical facilities, retail business, non-profit organizations and industries in Southwest Louisiana and around the world. These chances to gain hands-on, practical experience in any sort of workplace will prove incredibly worthwhile, as students reap the benefits of their professional prowess for the duration of their careers, while McNeese’s passion and dedication to all students assists them in ways that constantly exceeds expectations.

As a world-class and renowned institution, McNeese helps students achieve their highest potential, assuring they feel valued as unique and talented individuals. A well-known provider of elite academics and a respected institution in terms of offering outstanding value, McNeese promises an education experience and Return on Investment that remains truly unparalleled.

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