Be the master of your future at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Be the master of your future at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

To get the inside scoop on what’s really happening at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA), Study International reached out to several students to hear their stories first-hand. After all, if you’re looking for a true depiction of what life is like at your desired college, the best way to find out is by asking the students themselves, right? By granting you a unique and authentic insight into NCTA student life, you’ll get a better understanding of the school’s remarkable selection of programs, as well as why this school has been granted exclusive accreditation status by the Higher Learning Commission.

Notoriety of Nebraska

Located in the city of Curtis, NCTA’s serene rural surroundings are the ideal study location for any aspiring agricultural student. For those who are new to Nebraska, or even to the United States, there’s so much for you to see in your time at NCTA. With an environment rich in agricultural-based learning, the college is prepared to deliver courses for global and local students in equine management, agronomy, animal science, agricultural business, and beyond!

NCTA was selected by the Aspen Institute as one of the Top 150 institutions in 2017 in terms of community college experience, NCTA has a strong track record of student success. From day one, this school makes students feel warm and welcome, encouraging all members of the community to treat the Curtis campus as their second home.

As a Livestock Industry Management student, Rebekah Daniels states, “I decided to transfer to NCTA after seeing their incredible livestock program and how much more it had to offer me than other schools. I love the small town atmosphere and it’s a great study location. Plus, it isn’t far from other towns if you wish to explore Nebraska.”

Campus Culture at NCTA  

If you’re interested in viewing the campus up close, a number of Discovery Days are held for prospective students to check out the contemporary facilities and cutting-edge halls of residence. During the day, you’ll get to meet the Dean, faculty and students, on top of taking part in interactive classroom activities.

With a key emphasis on community, this tight-knit campus organizes regular events to involve everyone. There’s also a vast collection of clubs and teams for students to join, much like the Collegiate Cattlemen Club and the NCTA Rodeo Team, where talented cowgirls and cowboys compete in the NIRA Great Plains Region.

As an Agronomy academic, Will Kusant explains, “On a campus visit, I toured NCTA and really enjoyed it here. Instantly, I became interested in starting my education at NCTA because the size of the comfortable campus, the overall friendliness of the faculty, and small class size really appealed to me. My average day as a student is always full of activities. The city of Curtis is certainly a great community for an agricultural school. The small town friendly atmosphere fits the college perfectly!”

A Veterinary Technology student, Rosa Jurado states, “I love the small student body and that everything on campus is literally within walking distance.”

Teaching and Techniques 

The NCTA’s full program list provides students with the crucial element of choice. Students who visit during campus tours frequently comment on how the wide array of agricultural and animal management programs drew them towards the school.

By taking a tour around the campus or even a glimpse at the NCTA website, you’ll soon find that professional facilities are fundamental to this college. For example, if you enroll on the Agricultural Equipment Management scheme, you’ll gain access to essential farm equipment, and the Reinke Irrigation Pivot program allows you to practice your learned practical expertise on NCTA’s 550-acre campus farm.

As a NCTA learner, Logan Van Anne clarifies, “The people here are awesome and we are such a close student community. An unforgettable day at NCTA was the time when Professor Terri Jo Bek taught my feedlot operations class and there was a student struggling to work with a heifer. In a blink of an eye, Professor Bek solved the issue instantly and taught us a valuable lesson on how to work livestock! We were all amazed at her talent.”

Second year student, Katharine Schudel, “The experiential learning I’ve received from NCTA has been pivotal in my education.

NCTA’s Lasting Impact

NCTA leaves a deep imprint in its students that lasts a lifetime. Time spent here provides lifelong friendships and game changing industry connections. When asked how NCTA will impact their future, students said:

Rebekah, “My NCTA experience will help me to make sure my ranch is successful”

Logan, “NCTA will forever be a place that I can think about and smile, because it was such a fun learning experience. I have and continue to take information from class and use it in the work force. I am thankful for the knowledge I have taken from NCTA.”

Rosa, “Since practical lessons are a central focus at NCTA, students are able to work closely with animals and understand the importance of a proactive approach. Without hesitation, NCTA has helped me by providing the appropriate classes and labs so that I qualify for the national exams. Thanks to their resources, I am able to successfully study and learn.”

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