NCTA: Discover one of the best agricultural schools in the US

NCTA: Discover one of the best agricultural schools in the US

“I chose NCTA to get a better understanding of the crop side of agriculture…NCTA was a great place to start my education. I enjoyed being close to home while getting to know lots of people in the community and taking advantage of the recreational activities in Curtis.” – Nolan Breece, Student of Agronomy at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

With its wealth of natural resources and arable conditions, the US was always going to be a global hub for agriculture and food-related industries. In 2015 alone, these businesses produced US$136.7 billion for the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and with more than two million thriving farms nurturing the land, the potential for qualified recent graduates is rife to say the least.

Offering a practical, applied and experiential education for those with a land-fuelled passion, the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) has a state-wide mission to prepare ambitious students for the demands of this lucrative field. After carving a resounding tradition of excellence, the institution has been ranked within the Top 150 two-year Colleges in the US, as well as the nation’s Top 30 trade schools, and stands among the very best two-year colleges in the nation for graduate career success.

“NCTA prepared me very well for my career choice in Agribusiness Management and Agriculture Production,” says Wade Shipman, an Ohio native who pursued his dream of working in agribusiness after graduating with an associate’s degree from NCTA.

When surveyed by Zippia, Shipman and his peers said they were elevated by the opportunities granted to them at the high-quality yet low-cost technical institution.

Now, at the age of 33, Shipman serves as Assistant Vice President for the Western Nebraska Bank in Curtis, taking charge of all agricultural portfolios, on top of commercial and consumer lending; a powerful role and one he may not have snagged had it not been for his NCTA experience.

A brand-new undergraduate certificate in agriculture for NCTA has recently been approved by a state education commission. The certificate, which offers a total 16-hours of additional college credit, was officially approved June 15 by Nebraska’s Co-ordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education.

This innovative program is specifically-tailored towards college students majoring in non-agricultural disciplines, as well as high school students seeking a dual credit program in agriculture, and working professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of the agriculture sector.

“This certificate is designed to provide an introduction to crop and animal production systems, and is designed to provide students with a good understanding of natural resources and agribusiness management,” said NCTA Dean Ron Rosati.

This fully-accredited institute, which functions in connection with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln System, also ranks within the top two percent of US residential Colleges. As such, the college represents an influential centre for agronomic acumen, boasting outstanding return investment outcomes alongside countless global accolades.

The school’s Open Admissions policy means all students can apply regardless of background, ability or experience. And with a surprisingly low cost of tuition – of a mere US$127.50 per credit hour – this elite US education is one that’s truly accessible to everyone.

Its position at the forefront of technology-focused agriculture means NCTA students leave fully-equipped to become invigorators and entrepreneurs of this crucial, global business. With round-the-clock admittance to cutting-edge technologies and first-rate farming facilities, NCTA students receive a transformative education for just a fraction of the price.

“The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is proud to welcome global students to our campus,” the faculty website states. “It is our goal to provide an environment rich in agricultural-based learning while providing new experiences for students studying abroad.

“…Global students are prepared to assume the role of responsible agriculturist that will enhance the economy and welfare worldwide,” it adds. “These traits are accomplished by providing safe and challenging academic environments in fields such as agribusiness management, agronomy, animal science, agricultural education, horticulture, equine management, veterinary technology, and many more.”

The school is a known pioneer of the animal management discipline, also trailblazing knowledge within food-related science, on top of veterinary, crop and irrigation technologies. Above all else, NCTA is the ultimate foundation for success in commodity-based agricultural corporations.

It’s rural position in Curtis, Nebraska, massively contributes to its teaching success. With widespread farms and ranches amounting to a whopping 92 percent of the state’s total land area, Nebraska is more or less entirely dedicated to the agribusiness realm.

Soybeans, wheat and cattle are among the most profitable commodities to be drawn from Nebraskan farming, with students consistently taking advantage of this local expertise from the 550-acre college campus farm. Here, students learn how to use leading-edge irrigation pivot systems and precision technology, adding to their industry experience catalog long before they graduate. The school also helps forge a number of internship placements on a local scale, and across the US.

“We are a small, friendly community of people passionate about agriculture and supportive of the rural lifestyle characteristic of Nebraska and the Great Plains,” says Dr. Ron Rosati, Dean of the School.

“…Aggie students are successful in abundant job opportunities and most enter the workforce immediately after graduation,” he adds. “And, an increasing number of graduates make a seamless transfer with their associate degree to four-year institutions such as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“The future of agriculture is very bright,” the Dean concludes. “NCTA offers that ideal environment for starting or continuing your academic career right here in Curtis, Nebraska.”

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