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“I truly love the beautiful and adequately-sized campus…[I loved the] help and support I received from Admissions and Global Ed. I love the library, and I also love the friendly, homey environment. I fact, I can keep going on with things I love about being at Millersville, but those are my top few.” – Gaurav Hans, ME Innovation and Technology, originally from India

Millersville University is still accepting International Student Applicants for Fall 2017! 

The pursuit of overseas study is as thrilling as is nerve-racking. It’s exciting because it represents a unique and novel experience – new culture, new friends, and a totally new perspective. But there’s also the fear of the unknown – a new life in a new environment (sometimes thousands of miles away from home) might seem daunting to some.

With so much at stake, students want to know their university of choice has a strong, reputable and diverse program range. They also want to know whether the community is safe and accommodating, on top of factors like great career support, extra-curricular options and an outstanding quality of life.

With a tradition of excellence that spans 150 years, Millersville University is a flagship institution of the Pennsylvania region and the entire United States. Home to a faculty of distinguished educators who are ranked among the best in their fields, not to mention a diverse student body that offers a modern, global outlook, Millersville provides a diverse, multicultural and unforgettable learning experience in every sense of the words.

“I felt very welcomed into the community of learners at Millersville,” says Gaurav Hans, a student of Millersville’s ME in Innovation and Technology, originally from India. “The Department of Global Education did a wonderful job ensuring the smooth transition via an orientation process that lasted as long as a week,” he adds, “which included introductory meals with the President and the Provost, being taken out on shopping trips, as well as outings around the county to help us become more familiar with the area and give us the opportunity to make new friends,” Hans explains.

This is why so many cross oceans to study at Millersville University – a small yet thriving institution on the East Coast of the US. Classes are small and intimate, with an average of 29 per class, while the student-to-faculty ratio stands at 21:1. Learning takes place in a collaborative environment where approachable professors work to hone each student’s individual talents and expertise, while active mentors strive to help each student adapt to the ins and outs of academia.

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The institution’s emphasis on the prestigious Liberal Arts means students form a solid base of knowledge used for writing, speaking, analysis and critical thinking. All these factors, paired with the students’ passion for life-long learning, allow Millersville graduates to succeed in virtually every field, with 92 percent benefitting from fulfilling employment opportunities just six months after graduation.

While the range and strength of Millersville’s programs undoubtedly impress, it is the future outcomes for its graduates that speak a thousand words. Through individual workshops and counselling sessions, the school helps students determine what majors and careers they would like to explore, as well as how best they can be prepared. Through job fairs, databases, and arranged internships, the school connects students to suitable employers. From Day One, the university demonstrates a firm commitment to getting every student into work.

With a comprehensive support system packed with experiential learning options, athletic and team sport endeavors, plus an expansive range of student-run clubs and organizations, Millersville is known to nourish both body and soul. As a community that’s strengthened, enriched and innovated by its students, staff, faculty and alumni, Millersville understands that quality of life begins with education, that hard work leads to truly great things, and that caring for each other will ultimately lead to a better world.

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“I felt it was easy to make friends after receiving such a warm welcome, and there were plenty of activities lined up to allow us to spend time together and get to know each other,” Hans explains. “Global Ed organized a trip to the Longs Park concert, where we all played soccer and Frisbee and generally bonded together,” he notes.

Another great asset of the Millersville education lies in its value for money, with (AC Online) placing the university 25th in Pennsylvania for greatest lifetime return on investment (ROI). Graduates from Millersville and other top schools see higher salaries on average compared to graduates from elsewhere in the state.

In other words, it’s an irresistible bargain – students pay less now to earn more in the future.

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And don’t let Millersville’s rural setting have you fooled; thanks to its central location, students here can conveniently reach major East Coast cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia (one hour away), Washington D.C., or even New York City. This means Millersville students experience the best of both worlds – the serenity and authenticity of rural America alongside the thrills of 21st century city life.

That’s exactly why Millersville appeals to so many international students. It’s not just about its stellar academics, affordability, impressive graduate outcomes, thriving community, or safety. It’s about the entire Millersville experience – something that makes the decision to study overseas seem like a walk in the park!

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