Millersville welcomes more international students with the launch of new English Language Institute
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“I made friends with students from different countries and cultures…[including] students from France, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Korea and China.” – Gaurav Hans, Millersville international student, originally from India

With a tradition of excellence that spans 150 years, Millersville University is a stand-out institution of the Pennsylvania region and the entire United States. Home to a faculty of distinguished educators who are considered to be among the very best in their respective fields, and a unique student body – more than 100 of whom derive from overseas – that offers a breadth and depth of global perspectives, Millersville provides a diverse, multicultural and unforgettable learning experience in every sense of the words.

“I felt very welcomed into the community of learners at Millersville,” says Gaurav Hans, a student of Millersville’s ME in Innovation and Technology, originally from India. “The Department of Global Education did a wonderful job ensuring the smooth transition via an orientation process that lasted as long as a week,” he adds, “which included introductory meals with the President and the Provost, trips to Walmart and other shopping places, as well as trips to around the county to help us become more familiar with the area and give us the opportunity to make new friends,” Hans explains.

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Thanks to its inspiring academic community, the Millersville environment is imbued with a sense of limitless possibility, where students are encouraged to hone, explore and fully understand their intellectual capabilities. Humbly beginning as a noted Teachers’ College in 1855, the University now encompasses an extensive catalogue of graduate and undergraduate majors in areas such as Science and Mathematics, Education and the Humanities, and the Social Sciences.

With a comprehensive support system packed with experiential learning options, athletic and team sport endeavors, and an expansive range of student-run clubs and organizations, Millersville is known as an institution that nourishes body and spirit. As a community that’s strengthened, enriched and innovated by its students, staff, faculty and alumni, Millersville knows that quality of life begins with education, that hard work leads to truly great things, and that caring for each other ultimately leads to a better world.

“I felt it was easy to make friends after receiving such a warm welcome, and there were plenty of activities lined up to allow us to spend time together and get to know each other,” Hans explains. “Global Ed organized a trip to the Longs Park concert, where we all played soccer and Frisbee and generally bonded together,” he notes.

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“We also took part in a scavenger hunt activity where we split into teams to find treasure, which also gave me a chance to make valuable friends,” the student continues. “Then where was also DJ Night at the Student Center, as well as free movie shows. All these things helped me make friends with students from different countries and cultures, including France, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, China and Korea, many of whom later became my workout partners at the Student Center Gymnasium,” says Hans.

“Global Ed organizes events and sends out mail invitations via Facebook, inviting them to games and activities at least once or twice a month, and allowing them to stay connected with fellow international students throughout their time at Millersville.”

The English Language Institute (ELI) at Millersville has been specifically-designed to ease the international student transition even further, giving non-native students the chance to hone their English Language skills among like-minded people in the same situation. The Institute offers year-round intensive language training tailored to the academic demands of Millersville’s international student applicants starting in Fall 2017.

The program will be no-credit bearing, and represents an unparalleled path to undergraduate or graduate study at the university. Successful completion of the program not only gives students a firm grasp of the global language of business, politics and mainstream popular culture, but also instils in them the skills needed to thrive throughout their education and later on in life.

Through two 14-week terms or an intensive 10-week Summer program, students will receive around 280-hours of comprehensive instruction, Language Lab practice and excursions to American cultural hotspots. Through six study levels – low- and high-beginner, low- and high-intermediate, and low- and high-advanced – the ELI will teach crucial reading, writing, and oral language skills, providing detailed electives that cover everything from American history, to film, culture, self and community, university readiness and writing in a diverse curriculum.

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Students will be able to apply to this unique program via the regular online admissions process. Those who sufficiently meet requirements will be welcomed with open arms and integrated into Millersville’s vibrant community. They will benefit from the convenient option of being able to live on-campus, and will have access to all campus amenities, including its state-of-the art facilities, social and recreational activities, and round-the-clock access to international student advisors. All these, and so many more, combine to make the Millersville ELI student experience highly sought after across the globe.

“I truly love the beautiful and adequately-sized campus,” Gaurav Hans concludes. “One more thing I loved was the help and support I received from Admissions and Global Ed. I love the library, and I also love the friendly, homey environment. In fact, I can keep going on with things I love about being at Millersville, but those are my top few.”

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