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“I developed multiple connections and networked with a wide range of individuals. An internship gives you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and meet and network with professionals within your major.” – Morgan S., Business Marketing Major

With 150 years of experience under its belt, students at Millersville University are guaranteed a world-class education experience, one that gives them all the tools needed to unleash their full potential.

Thanks to the institution’s strong emphasis on the prestigious Liberal Arts framework, students here form a knowledge base for writing, speaking, analyses and critical thinking. All these, as well as their own passion for life-long learning, allow Millersville graduates to succeed in virtually every sector, with 92 percent reaping fulfilling employment opportunities just six months after completion of their programme.

“We’ve been able to attract really good students at Millersville University in the Department of Earth Sciences,” says Dr. Richard Clark, Professor of Meteorology at the institution. “When students come into our program, they can participate, first day, hit the ground running, in the campus weather service. They also can participate in a national forecasting contest called The Weather Challenge,” he adds, highlighting Millersville’s unrivalled approach to practical and experiential learning.

The university comprises three comprehensive colleges: the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; the College of Education and Human Services; and the College of Science and Technology, all of which provide cutting-edge and specialist programs.

Millersville’s innovative courses are delivered by qualified professors, every one of them verified leaders of their respective fields. These teachers, much like Dr. Clark, are all-too aware of the importance of knowledge application and practical experience in a constantly changing society, and so do everything they can to provide Millersville students with opportunities that are truly unparalleled.

“Students who are interested in Engineering, Science or any of these disciplines, I think they would find a good home here in the Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology department, because we do what we’re learning about,” says Dr. Mark Atwater, Assistant Professor within the Applied Engineering Department.

“So, if they have an interest in hands-on, actually using equipment and learning the skills they would use on their job – this is a very good place to do that.”

On top of this, Millersville provides an outstanding campus Career Service, where experienced professionals are always on-hand to help students map out a path to a relevant and rewarding career.

Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) offers a variety of Career Tests and Assessments to help you explore who you are and how your skills, interests, and experiences relate to your educational experience, and the wider working world.

One thing that sets Millersville apart from sector competitors is its diverse network of industry connections, which allow students to take advantage of exceptional internship opportunities on a regional, national and international scale. In fact, in 2015, an impressive 40 percent of the students who participated in a credit-bearing internship through the university were offered full-time employment upon completion of the scheme.

“My summer internship (2015) with the Lancaster Farmland Trust was awesome for a few reasons,” says Emily Fucci, a senior year student of Geography and Environmental studies at the University. “As I approach my last year at Millersville, interning this summer has allowed me to see first-hand the information I have spent the last few years learning. Being able to apply the skills I have learnt in class provided me with a sense of accomplishment – my education has been paying off. For this reason, I would highly recommend an internship to fellow MU students.”

Emily is not alone in this notion, since a hefty 98 percent of Millersville’s past interns would recommend the experience to classmates. And it’s a good thing too, because a staggering 95 percent of employers cite candidate experience as a major factor when it comes to hiring decisions.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Millersville’s Career Connection is a dynamic career management platform and job database listing full-time and part-time employment opportunities, as well as details on internships, summer and seasonal employment. Students have direct access to this unique and efficient index, allowing them to take note of every available option to find the perfect job – one that’s specifically tailored to their interests and academic level.

On top of this, the Career Service provides Employment and Web Resources as additional material to assist students as they look for employment after graduation. This is because Millersville upholds the ideal of education as a journey, starting in the classroom and ending in the workplace, and so makes it its duty to stand by its students, from their humble beginnings to their lucrative ends.

“Interning has provided me with a sense of excitement for what my future career may hold,” Emily concludes. “It has refreshed my desire to learn, knowing that I am not just working towards a grade point average and good test grade, I am working towards building a skill set as a graduate that will help me as I graduate and take my first steps into the “real world”.

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