“Millersville University filled a gap in my experience while my career as a logistician gave me valuable experience and knowledge going into the field…The University has helped me continue to serve family, friends, the community and the nation…for that, I am grateful.” – Aaron Clevenstine, former student at Millersville University

In terms of quality and affordability, Millersville University definitely offers plenty of bang for the buck, providing a globally-recognized, respected education that doesn’t break the bank. Ranked the 15th best college in the state by Best Value Schools, and championed by U.S. News and World Report as the 28th best Public School in the U.S.,  Millersville University is an environment where students truly can make the most of their potential.

From its cutting-edge academic environments and contemporary residence halls, to its stunning 250-acre campus, students are keen to call Millersville their home away from home. “The campus is beautiful,” says Jingyun, an Economics student, originally from China. “And the location within the U.S. offers the best of so many worlds,” she adds, praising the university’s proximity to the wonders of Lancaster County.

Since its inauguration more than 150 years ago, Millersville has retained a dedicated faculty of world-class educators, considered to be among the best in their respective fields. Armed with the belief that good life begins with learning and that with quality education, the possibilities are endless, Millersville’s students are urged to think big and go far with over 100 programs of study. “Who I was and who I am are different,” says Josephin, a computer science student, originally from India.

“The professors here really encouraged me to challenge myself and supported me while I did so,” she notes, highlighting how she never could have developed into a confident, competent individual if it hadn’t been for her unparalleled experience at Millersville.

But on top of prominent students, coaches, counsellors, professors, and advisors, the university also boasts a vast, global, and extensive network of successful alumni, with 93 percent of last year’s graduates finding employment within six to 10 months after graduation.

Through the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Education and Human Services, and the College of Science and Technology; Millersville harnesses student aspirations and turns them into reality. As a testament to the university’s ability to grant students access to meaningful and relevant work experience and opportunities, 82 percent of Millersville’s 2015 graduate cohort are now employed on a full-time basis in a field relating to their major.

“I have one bachelor’s degree from Millersville,” says Joshua Belice, a Millersville alumnus who went on to receive a master’s degree in College Student Development and Administration from Shephard University. “…I was the first in my family to go to college and came from a single-parent home. I had a one-in-a-million chance to be able to finance my education and, though it wasn’t easy, MU really helped me through the process,” he explains.

Joshua currently works as Assistant Director of Admissions at Millersville, recruiting prospective students from surrounding counties. His exposure to so many valuable and unforgettable opportunities throughout his MU student years, like his participation in the Disney College Program and his distinguished role as a Resident Assistant, inspired him to push personal boundaries and be the best that he could be. Without Millersville’s active role in honing his specialized passion, Joshua may never have found what turned out to be his perfect role, and that’s a return on investment students simply can’t deny.

“Now, ten years later, after a double major and two master’s degrees, I’m still working in higher education,” he adds. “The faculty, staff and students I met at Millersville during my time as a student impacted me so deeply that I’ve dedicated my career to making sure kids who were like me can find the opportunities Millersville can offer.”

And that’s just one example of MU’s graduate success; the fact that 92 percent of the institution’s recent leavers state they are extremely satisfied with their MU education shows the extent of the university’s powerful, positive influence. But if they aren’t blazing towards success in the fast-paced professional sphere, they’re expanding their horizons in further education, with 23 percent of last year’s graduates pursuing some form of graduate degree. Not only does this demonstrate how the university is equipped to support students regardless of ambition, it highlights how MU inspires students to become the best version of themselves.

Above all, Millersville provides a burgeoning community that nourishes body and spirit. On top of its esteemed academic portfolio and first-rate teaching staff, it vows to instil students with the tools needed to thrive in every aspect of their lives, now and into the future, and that’s something students would be hard-pushed to find anywhere else in the world.

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