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Linden Hall: Inspiring and empowering girls since 1746

There are hundreds of boarding schools in the US that seek to enrich and enhance the lives and futures of their students.

What sets Linden Hall apart is their signature programmes — where the sky is the limit. This is quite literally so with its Aviation Programme.

The all-girls school is among a few of US high schools that offer this programme. Through a partnership with a local flight school, girls can obtain their private pilot’s license to operate a small aeroplane while still in high school. They take online, ground school classes on campus and head to the local airport for flying lessons. As they put the theories they learn in engineering, physics, and maths to practice, they gain the knowledge, skills, and training to become a pilot — while having a lot of fun along the way.

This isn’t the only unique programme that Linden Hall offers. Indeed, the school is renowned nationally for its Equestrian Programme. With its own stables, 19 horses, and an indoor and outdoor riding arena for young riders to forge quality horsemanship skills, the programme focuses on hunters, jumpers, dressage, and equitation. Although equestrian training is open to all experience levels, many of Linden Hall’s riders compete and are ranked nationally.

Linden Hall

Linden Hall has stables and rings as part of the Equestrian Programme. Source: Linden Hall

Partnerships with numerous colleges and universities allow students to earn transferable credit while gaining first-hand college experience. Additionally, international students — with TOEFL iBT scores lower than 70 — enrol in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and are making strides in adapting to the high level of academic rigour that American colleges expect for writing, reading, and speaking.

Educating global leaders for nearly three centuries

Established in 1746, Linden Hall is a place where girls in grades 6 to 12 receive a rigorous, multifaceted college-preparatory experience where each student is inspired to reach her highest potential.

Classes are small, with a student to faculty ratio of 5:1. With only an average of eight students per class, teachers can devote significant attention to helping each student hone her skills, find her voice, discover her passion, and prepare to excel in the challenging world that lies beyond Linden Hall.

Classes meet for 45 minutes, five times per week, and this consistent schedule of highly interactive studies fosters deep critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities. Such rigour prepares girls to master the skills and concepts needed for college, as do the school’s many Advanced Placement and Honours classes.

Linden Hall’s beautiful 49-acre campus in Lititz, Pennsylvania provides a safe home to students from over 20 countries and territories from around the globe — facilitating social interactions that are as dynamic as they are cosmopolitan. More importantly, the school’s diversity offers students a better understanding of different cultures and traditions, foreign affairs, business norms, and more. Girls gain cultural competencies that prepare them to be leaders in a global society.

Linden Hall celebrates diversity with students coming from all over the world. Source: Linden Hall

With Linden Hall’s convenient location, students walk into town with friends after class to enjoy the small-town charm and purchase popular treats, such as fresh pizza, homemade ice cream, and hand-crafted chocolates. Just a short drive from campus in Lancaster city, students enjoy activities, such as going to the movie theatre, playing miniature golf, and ice skating on the weekends.

The diverse array of experiences possible in the global community at Linden Hall uniquely prepares girls for some of America’s most selective universities. Graduates from 2018 to 2022 have gone on to study at the likes of Boston University, Cornell University, New York University, Northeastern University, Princeton University, University of Toronto, and more.

“Without coming here, chances are I would still be the shy girl in the back of the classroom who never raised her hand,” says student Ahsa. “Here, I have grown into a confident individual due to the supportive environment.”

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