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Linden Hall: Small size, ideal location, empowered girls

Built with the purpose of providing an academically rigorous community where girls are valued and known, this all-girls school in America has lived its mission for the last 276 years. Established in 1746, Linden Hall is the oldest boarding school for girls in America, older than the country itself.

What makes this incredible school stand out is its 21st century agility — thanks to its ideal size in an ideal location. Small classes have big impact here. And what better place to learn and grow than in the small town of Lititz, Pennsylvania — one of the safest and most welcoming towns in the entire nation.

Linden Hall

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The result? Girls developing into talented, compassionate, and accomplished global citizens. They are armed with leadership skills, critical and independent thinking, a love for learning, and the power to excel.

It starts with small classes. On average, there are eight students in each class, all taught by master teachers. Not only do girls receive more personal attention, they learn more deeply, engage more profoundly, and connect more authentically. As a small school, Linden Hall is able to customise the educational programme for each student. This flexible approach ensures that girls are able to excel academically while also pursuing their personal passions.

Looking to learn a new language or pick up a musical instrument? Linden Hall offers it all. When it comes to their students, Linden Hall has seemingly endless resources and opportunities. No matter the discipline, Linden Hall does its best to accommodate all the interests of their students — be it locating a high-level music instructor, finding opportunities to pursue a different language, or scheduling opportunities for competitive dance. With a curriculum that prioritises each student’s interests, it is little wonder that Linden Hall ranked as the one of the best all-girls high schools in America this year.

“I really appreciated that I was able to participate in a very important two-week maths competition with some of my friends,” shares Helen, a Grade 12 Linden Hall student. “My teachers were so accommodating. I missed a lot of homework, and they knew this was really important to me and for my university prospects, so all of my other teachers worked with me.”

That’s not all that makes this historical school unique. At Linden Hall, learning occurs within and beyond the classroom — including the skies. It is one of the few high schools in the US offering an Aviation Programme. Girls not only apply classroom concepts like engineering, physics, and math, but gain the knowledge, skills, and in-flight training to obtain their private pilots licence — all while still in high school.

Ideal location in a quintessential small American town

Picture a town filled with ice cream parlours, pizza shops, locally-made candy, antique shops, book stores, exquisite parks, and a canal of friendly ducks. That’s Lititz, Pennsylvania, where Linden Hall is located on Main Street. After school students can walk to town with their friends and explore the shops.

Linden Hall

Source: Linden Hall

Unlike other schools, Linden Hall girls can easily take advantage of the surrounding community that boasts dozens of options including a shopping mall, gourmet grocery stores, ethnic markets, a luxury movie theatre, and all kinds of fun opportunities (including bowling, skating, and miniature golf) — all just a few minutes from school. Weekends are times for students to engage in an array of activities on and off campus, such as a weekly bonfire and s’mores party, community service programs, and athletic contests. Families should be secure in knowing that this little town, nestled in Amish country, is among the safest places in the United States.

For families travelling from far away cities, there are plenty of transportation options, as the town is surrounded by seven airports, with the closest located just 35 minutes from campus, and the furthest is only about three hours away. Transportation for students to and from campus is coordinated by the school, with a team available to assist with both ground and air transportation needs.

Historical Buildings Meet High Tech Opportunities

There are many facilities on campus to help girls learn better and achieve more. Classrooms, with large, sun-filled windows, and lecture halls are equipped with computers, projectors, and Smart Boards, all working on a reliable, high-speed internet network. The Lyet Family Gallery has the art work of students displayed all year round. The Snavely Family Theatre is used daily for classes and theatrical productions, while the orchestra and art spaces provide a creative environment for students to hone their crafts. The 49-acre campus is home to an exceptional equestrian programme, where upper school and middle school teams train to compete locally and nationally. Riders enjoy a spacious indoor arena and well-equipped outdoor riding arena along with open land and a hunt field, and can choose from a large number of lesson horses – or even bring their own!

The lush campus is spectacular in every season: emerald green grass in the summer, rich colours of autumn, beautiful snowy hills, and the fragrant scent of spring flowers. While strolling on campus, the students can linger in the Fountain Courtyard or spend quiet time in Alumnae Rock Garden. The winding path, bubbling waterfall, and colourful wildflowers make the perfect spot for students to escape the rigours of coursework and find inspiration.

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