Leading courses for continuing education in the USA

The global shift in industry is becoming more prevalent with the birth of emerging technologies such as automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Technology is changing our world so rapidly that in a blink of an eye, jobs can become obsolete and lucrative careers can suddenly stagnate.

That’s why people at all levels of working experience must be prepared for changing worlds of work and adapt themselves accordingly so they don’t get left behind.

By upskilling yourself with a graduate degree or a professional certification, you stay in-touch with your respective field and receive up-to-date knowledge on the latest industry happenings and trends.

These courses can also provide you with the ability to develop skillsets that are deemed most important for the coming future such as adaptability, resilience, interpersonal communication, innovative thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.

According to Economic Times, “Learning, whether at an individual or corporate level, and at every hierarchical stage is a continuous requirement. Setting aside the time, commitment and effort to upskill is important.

“With the proliferation of versatile online tools and resources, there is a lot of flexibility to reinvent and win in one’s professional life.

“Furthermore, adding to skills makes individuals more capable and highlights their initiative, commitment and desire to move ahead. These are traits that managers and leaders value and look to recognise and reward.”

Want to take a proactive approach and take your career to the next level in a rapidly changing world? Consider a programme from these leading US universities.


Columbia University, an Ivy League located in a Manhattan neighbourhood of New York City, provides market-responsive certification programmes and summer courses through its School of Professional Studies.

Here, academically talented international students have full access to the university’s undergraduate and graduate courses in multiple fields such as engineering, arts, sciences, computer sciences, humanities, journalism, languages, social sciences, sciences and mathematics. The School of International and Public Affairs offers Summer Certification Programmes in critical issues in international relations, human rights and United Nations studies.

Columbia University

Business-related courses and programmes, such as the advanced business certificate— which is internship-eligible— introduction to business programmes for non-business majors, and specialised business courses designed to help hone business English skills—are especially attractive given Columbia’s location in one of the world’s commerce and finance capitals.

The campus is ideally situated on the Upper West Side of the Big Apple. The school’s Career Design Lab offers a wide range of opportunities to connect you with corporate companies, as well as emerging start-ups thanks to the thriving business scene in NYC. The subway steps from your campus dormitory connect you to the city’s entertainment and cultural summer events —many of them free.

If you’re looking for a specialised short course, or want to gain a certification, you can be sure you’ll be ahead of the curve with a qualification from Columbia University.


Located on the other side of the US in sunny California, this university is also helping students and working professionals gain a competitive edge through a wide range of specialised study programmes, short courses and strategic partnerships in continuing education.

These pathways open avenues for those looking for personal enrichment or career advancement.

The department has grown since its establishment in 1962, offering over 80 industry-relevant certificates and programmes on campus, online and through corporate partnerships.

For example, there are short courses in Business and Management for HR Coaching and Consulting, Learning and Development, Organizational Design & Development.

In Arts and Entertainment, there is a six-month part-time programme in Culinary Arts, ideal for first-time cooks looking to start a career as a professional cook, entrepreneurs looking to acquire foundational cooking techniques to help launch a culinary business, or home cooks looking to learn advanced techniques and methods.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, UCI DCE also partners with the UCI campus, businesses, professional organisations, and leading higher education institutions around the world to provide a wide range of programmes to help students and professionals adapt to a changing world.

UCI DCE is also part of the Open Education Consortium, a non-profit, global, member-based network of open education institutions and organisations.

*Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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