3 US universities that value continuing education and transferable skills
Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

As we adopt more technological ways of thinking, the global education sector expands its thinking too.

By leaving behind rigid structures and syllabi, forward-thinking universities are now welcoming learners of all ages, helping them continue their studies regardless of their current career positioning.

Supporting the trend of continuing education, Forbes recently highlighted the advantages of transferable skills and illuminated the importance of workers upgrading their abilities in order to advance ahead and boost their business leadership.

“What you learn in school about a given field will almost certainly change by the time you enter that field. What never changes, though, is the value that you bring to the table – in any job, in any industry – by mastering those transferable skills,” the article notes.

In order to obtain new skills, workers must continue their education at a career-focused institution, updating their knowledge in order to get ahead.

Despite securing a degree in your given field of expertise, there will always be expectations placed upon your shoulders; such as, knowing what your target audience requires or connecting your customer with tech-savvy techniques your employer has not yet exposed you to.

This is why online and continuing education outlets are on the rise. More and more people are embarking on part-time study journeys that will lead them to a promotion or point them towards a better professional direction.

As Forbes explains, “What companies are really looking for, and the kinds of employees who end up excelling at their work, are those with transferable skills – the capacity for problem-solving, teamwork, decision-making and critical thinking.

“Students need to leave school not thinking that they’ve learned everything they’ll ever need to know, but with their minds open to the need for continuous education – that they’ll have to keep learning and growing in order to keep moving through the working world successfully.”

If you continue to invest in your education, there’s a strong chance you won’t be left behind by companies looking for upskilled employees who are in tune with the everchanging economy.

Alternatively, if you’re job-hunting and you need to set your CV apart from the enormous pile on your future employer’s desk, it’s a great idea to freshen it up with extra credentials and qualifications that sync well with the job.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re eager to continue your education with an experienced academic provider, check out the three leading universities below and enhance your prospects today.


As the 7th ‘Top Public School’ in U.S. News & World Report (2019) and the 9th Best ‘Golden Age’ university by Times Higher Education (2018), the University of California, Irvine (UCI) is a reputable school for many learners looking to continue their academic journey.

By directing your career interests towards UCI Division of Continuing Education (UCI DCE), you’ll place your trust in a school that has an exceptional commitment to its students, even outperforming the expectations of its international students.

Source: UCI Division of Continuing Education

Located in the bustling business district of Southern California, UCI DCE is where students from all walks of life can enjoy long stretches of sandy beaches, pristine hiking and bike trails, world-class entertainment facilities, elite education resources and potential career prospects.

As The New York Times ranked UCI 1st among other U.S. universities that are “doing the most for the American dream” in their 2017 and 2015 College Access Index lists, here, you’ll accumulate an unlimited supply of entrepreneurial spirit.

Complete with high-quality academics, superior English-language courses, accelerated three-month certificate programmes, engaging study abroad schemes, and undergraduate/graduate preparation programmes, UCI DCE is a strategic study destination for all continuing students.

Placing key emphasis on the importance of innovation, diversity, and a commitment to academic excellence, it’s no surprise that UCI is one of 62 universities in the U.S. and Canada selected for the prestigious Association of American Universities membership, and one that elevates its students’ careers for a lifetime.


Placed in the ‘Top 100 Best Value Schools’ by US News & World Report (2019), Temple University offers affordable additions to your academic records.

From interactive career assessments to enhancing your cover letters at the writing centre, from day one, Temple takes your professional role from a stationary position to rapid acceleration.

Source: Continuing Education, Temple University

With a department dedicated to continuing education, Temple’s continuing studies advisors are always happy to guide you through the process of enrolling in Temple credit courses on a non-degree basis. Regardless of your age or status, students here have the opportunity to work towards undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, or professional development and personal enrichment courses.

The university is also upgrading its own skill set with technological devices. From handheld tools to the computer, online education programmes are suited to fit every screen. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll be granted admission to the web-conferencing platforms and their recently improved learning management system. There’s nothing holding you back from effective career advancement.

Life at Temple is bursting with arts and culture, so if you choose to continue your chosen discipline here, you’ll also have the chance to extend your enjoyment through the Boyer College of Music and Dance or community-driven events at the Liacouras Centre. Plus, with the city on your doorstep, continuing your education will also mean that you’ll continue your exploration of all that Philadelphia has to offer.

Alongside extension education programmes, Temple also provides accelerated programmes to strengthen your professional path and reinforce your career ambitions.


At the College of Professional Studies (CPS), Northeastern University, collaborative learning is key to career progression.

Through a multitude of postgraduate programmes, international programmes, online programmes and undergraduate programmes, Northeastern makes the ability to earn a top quality education from an accredited university more attainable than ever.

Source: College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University

When you join forces with Northeastern, you’ll be presented with a variety of academic support services, resources and events for online, international and campus-based students to help shape your experience and achieve your educational goals.

The college ensures Global Student Success (GSS) through an International Tutoring Center (ITC) that offers high-quality English Language instruction through tutoring appointments, language and culture workshops that help international students understand American culture, and reading workshops that focus on different skills and strategies for university success.

Another intriguing benefit to the Northeastern experience is their Coding in English programme. To impress your future employers and to add another advantage to your CV, you can learn the ins and outs of working for a research company, how to implement software system design and understand the role of communication in coding.

As a lifelong learning network, it’s time to accelerate your career and learn at the speed of the industry with a multi-dimensional university that tweaks your skills to fit the technological demands of today, as well as the everchanging employer demands of tomorrow!

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