Advance Through Online Programs at University of California, Irvine
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Advance Through Online Programs at University of California, Irvine

The global employment market is rife with competition. Last year, a TalentWorks study found that it can take 90+ days for candidates to score a job in America, while 98 percent of job applications get blackholed, and only 13 percent of applications make it through to interview stage.

Nowadays, you need more than a degree to land the most rewarding or meaningful roles. Even after university study, recruiters are finding that otherwise suitable candidates lack the practical expertise, current knowledge, and hands-on experience to truly excel in their careers.

That’s where the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education (UCI DCE) comes in. Working hard to bridge this gap, UCI DCE provides a range of specialized certificate programs that seamlessly merge theory with practice in a real-world context. With flexible online delivery, these programs promise a world-class education that can be shaped around your lifestyle. There are a variety of offerings from business and technology to education and healthcare and more.

Ranked the 9th Best ‘Golden Age’ University by Times Higher Education (2018) and globally-recognized as a school that serves students well (US News & World Report 2018), both this division and UCI at large hold a long-standing commitment to the provision of an outstanding education.

Source: UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education

“Established in 1962, UCI Division of Continuing Education (UCI DCE) has been offering education for adult learners for over half a century. Today we maintain over 30,000 enrollments from students worldwide each year and offer hundreds of exciting courses and programs to local, regional and global constituencies,” the Division website explains.

“From a wide selection of academic programs to numerous campus activities, UCI Division of Continuing Education will continue providing a university-level learning experience to all of our students.”

The value of the Certificate Program

Despite its lasting benefits, higher education is generally known as a costly investment worldwide. But a continuing education certificate is a viable option, offered at a much more affordable rate than the traditional four-year degree.

Fact is, the most sought-after degree programs from reputed universities can often set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Alternatively, professional certificates such as those offered by UCI DCE cost a fraction of that, but provide an academically-rigorous, university-level education that aligns with actual careers. This is incredibly desirable for HR and recruitment professionals on all corners of the globe, with the potential of bumping you to the top of the pack when seeking a job.

Source: UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education

“When choosing a certificate program it’s really important to clarify your intent and specific focus,” says Karen Wetherholt, an experienced human resources executive and an expert in talent acquisition.

“…Once you know that,” she adds, “you can evaluate and choose a program that meets your specific needs.

“Getting a certificate from a reputable university definitely brings credibility and enhances your academic background,” Wetherholt concludes. “Overall, a certificate program is a great way to advance your functional knowledge and add to your holistic qualifications.”

So how can UCI DCE’s certificate portfolio elevate your skillset? Here are just a few of the areas in which you can gain further expertise.

Business, Management & Leadership

The Business Administration Certificate instils a solid foundation in the fundamentals of business management. It’s a program that exposes students to the incremental elements for success as a manager within the public or private sector.

Source: UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education

Then there’s the Business Analysis Certificate, focusing on analytical thinking, problem-solving and communications. This program produces competent professionals equipped with the tools needed to conduct effective business analysis in a solutions-driven environment.

Built around the four competencies outlined by the National Contract Management Association, the Contract Management Certificate at UCI DCE addresses the most current issues in the procurement and contracting fields, looking at all things commercial, governmental and international.

Another excellent choice in the business and management field, the Digital Marketing & Communications Certificate delivers the in-demand knowledge and skills required to succeed as a marketing professional – a lucrative job in today’s world.


The Division’s Cyber Security Certificate nurtures a comprehensive understanding of the principles for designing, engineering and managing secure information systems environments.

In the same, fast-evolving field, the Data Science Certificate is designed to serve the demand for skilled data scientists. As a graduate of this course, you’ll blend the science, business and art disciplines, and excel in the hi-tech sector.

Source: UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education

Then there’s the Predictive Analytics Certificate; a program that caters to working professionals from a range of employment backgrounds, this course refines the skills needed to thrive in the fast-evolving analytics field.

The Database Management Certificate is a great choice for anyone looking to exploit the powerful capabilities of relational databases and new “Big Data” management frameworks.


Here, the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Program is designed to train and equip domestic trainee teachers with the practical expertise and cultural awareness needed to excel in teaching English abroad.


The highly-specialized Healthcare Analytics program blends expertise in analytics and research, refining industry professionals with the ability to collect, organize and visualize data to improve patient outcomes.

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