Lander University’s International Scholar’s Program: Unleash a world of opportunity

Lander University’s International Scholar’s Program: Unleash a world of opportunity
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“Because I learned not only how to defend my own views, but also to respect others, I’ve come out of every class more knowledgeable and better-prepared for the next phase of my education.” – Conner Lewis, Lander University Senior

Since being established in 1872, Lander University has evolved into a co-educational, comprehensive and state-assisted institution based in Greenwood, South Carolina. Teaching, guiding and inspiring approximately 2,700 students from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, the University offers an outstanding learning journey that services the liberal arts, sciences, business, education, and healthcare professions.

“Lander University is a community where learning, energy and creativity flourish,” says Dr. Richard Cosentino, President of the University.

“[It] is a community designed to engage and challenge,” he adds. “Students come to Lander from 29 states and 17 countries, committing to an education that prepares them to be successful in today’s extremely competitive environment, where a graduate’s marketability matters.”

In line with this emphasis on nurturing positive graduate prospects, Lander’s unique International Scholar’s Program allows students to earn a globally-respected degree while simultaneously saving thousands on the cost of tuition. According to figures from the Institute of International Education (IIE), international student enrolment to US colleges and universities increased by 10 percent between the academic years 2013-14 and 2014-15, the highest growth rate recorded in 35 years, bringing the total number of foreign-born students in the region to a colossal 975,000.

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It’s clear that the caliber of US education continues to draw students from all four corners of the globe. But while the region remains the world’s most popular international study location, the decision to invest in a degree from the US is not one to be taken lightly, since it’s often attached to hefty five-digit price tag. In fact, HSBC’s 2016 report, titled The Value of Education: Foundations for the Future, the region was cited as parents’ top choice for sending their child to study overseas, but also as the most expensive, with the average annual cost of tuition setting students back by around $33,215.

This is where Lander’s International Scholar’s Program comes in, providing scholarships and financial aid to qualifying students who are keen to pursue a US education. Incentives include:

  • International Scholar’s Award: $250/semester
  • Out-of-State Fee Scholarship: $4,800/semester
  • Housing Scholarship: $2,000/semester

With the International Scholar’s Program students can anticipate the total cost of attendance to be $24,000 per year at Lander University.

Through the institution’s comprehensive and dynamic curricula in the world’s most sought-after fields, Lander’s overseas student population gain a quintessentially US education for a significant reduction in price. All students are encouraged to apply, but to benefit from the program participants must demonstrate:

  • Minimum score of 80 on TOEFL or 6.0 on the IELTS
  • Official school records (transcripts, diplomas or certificate of study), in original language and also official certified English translation. Also, SAT or ACT scores may be required.
  • For transfer students, minimum 3.0 GPA on academically- transferrable college-level coursework.

Offering more than 60 diverse areas of study – covering everything from Biology, to Criminal Justice and Criminology, Exercise Science, Financial Services, Government Administration, Mass Communication, Nursing, Psychology, and beyond – the program provides students with the strong and rewarding foundation needed to succeed in virtually any global sector.

But Lander presents so much more than an exceptional study experience, with life outside of the classroom making it all the more worthwhile. Applying to the International Scholar’s program also means enrolling in Lander’s extraordinary campus life, guaranteed to bring some of your most memorable years. The Office of Student Activities, for example, works round-the-clock to schedule unmissable performances, field trips, and other unique events that allow students to soak up the US culture and lifestyle, as they also find themselves immersed in the color and diversity of Lander campus life.

Image courtesy of Lander University

And that’s not where it ends; with the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Department hosting a wealth of activities, plus year-round access to state-of-the-art campus facilities, to make staying fit and lively as easy as it is fun. Encompassing everything from outdoor adventure, to intramural sports, group exercise classes, and everything in between, the Department ensures every day experienced at Lander is more exciting than the last.

Above all else, the University seeks to provide a rewarding, enriching, and world-renowned international study experience that doesn’t break the bank; and for those seeking an elite US education at an institution that’s committed to every need, there’s no better option than Lander’s International Scholar’s Program. As a University that understands, appreciates and values the global study experience, Lander serves as the perfect preparation for triumph in a competitive graduate world.

“I invite you to visit our beautiful 128-acre campus and experience first-hand the sense of community that has been cultivated by our faculty and students,” Dr. Cosentino concludes. “Join the Lander family and come home to talented scholars, inspiring artists, exceptional athletes, dynamic professionals, and inquiring students.”

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