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When it comes to the discussion of higher education, it’s common knowledge that an education overseas provides new experiences, perspectives and understanding. As Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education says, “I just think we can’t do enough [student exchanges]… And when you get young children traveling internationally, I think they come back different people. And you can’t put a price tag — you can’t put a value on that.”

There are plenty of benefits to studying overseas; meeting new people from around the world, learning new cultures, and finding new career or placement opportunities. But aside from that, travelling to a foreign country where the language may not be your first builds character, develops leadership and other independent qualities that will prove to be useful when you start your career. This is probably why countries like the U.S are seeing a rise in international students studying at one of its many colleges and universities across the country.

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According to the annual Open Doors report, published by Inside Higher Ed, the number of international students pursuing a tertiary education at American colleges and universities grew by 7.1 percent this year, pushing the total number of foreign-born student up to the one million mark. And the number is set to grow with each passing year, as more students around the globe begin to realize the value and importance of an international education.

Despite the importance of studying overseas, not every student gets the opportunity to further their studies due to the amount of tuition fees and cost of living involved. Students who may tick all the boxes and qualify for a place at a distinguished institution may have to turn it down simply because they can’t afford it. Most universities do not provide financial help – unless of course, you’re submitting your application to one like Lander University.

Founded in 1872, the institution is ranked among the top public universities in the southern U.S, boasting more than 60 areas of study and 127 full-time faculty staff to ensure your learning experience is both transformative and enriching. The academic institution has nearly 127 international students from 25 countries and is known for making international education an essential part of its academic curriculum.

“Lander is a community designed to engage and challenge,” says Dr. Richard Cosentino, President of the University. “Students come to Lander from 22 states (including 46 South Carolina counties) and 25 countries, committing to an education that prepares them to be successful in today’s extremely competitive environment, where a graduate’s marketability matters.”

But what makes Lander University stand out among regional competition is that it offers several scholarships or financial assistance for international students who would like to study in the U.S. Students who are active sports players might want to check out the athletic scholarships that are available in all of Lander’s intercollegiate sports programs. But if sports aren’t really your cup of tea, the institution offers three more types of scholarship:

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Departmental Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded each year by a specific department based on availability of funds, donors, and selection process. Students who are interested should contact the academic division for each department to enquire more. If you’re sure about what to study, then go ahead and click on each department’s link to see what it entails.

College of Business and Public Affairs

College of Education

College of Science and Mathematics

College of Arts and Humanities

Institutional Merit-Based Scholarships

Aside from that, there are also institutional merit-based scholarships, given out each year to freshmen and transferring students. For the latter, each student needs to have a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better, with at least 30 to 90 semester hours earned. To be considered for the scholarship, you need to have earned at least 67 percent of all attempted hours and must enroll as a full-time student at Lander. For more information, click here.

Private or Portable Scholarships

But if you don’t fit any of the categories, there are still scholarships offered by various external companies, organizations, and independent groups. For a list of available scholarships, click here. Some of the scholarships included are the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Scholarships, the AES Engineers Scholarship, the Leon Bradley Scholarship Program, and scholarships from National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC).

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Besides providing students with the chance to study abroad, Lander University also constantly reviews its academic programs to ensure students are well-equipped with the latest knowledge, research and skills sought by prospective employers. In addition to traditional areas of study, the institution has created signature academic programs within emerging fields that are in increasingly high demand. These new programs include exercise science, cybersecurity, financial services, and teaching. To find out more about the new programs, see below:

Signature Programs

With plenty of financial assistance and a series of new signature programs that reflect current job market prospects, your dream of studying internationally at Lander’s University can now be reality.

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