Kingswood School: Investing in arts and design tech success
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Kingswood School: Investing in arts and design tech success

Cultivating creativity from its 214-acre grounds in Bath, Kingswood School boasts a range of state-of-the-art facilities, including a multi-million-pound investment into the new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and Innovation Centre, as well as Music and Drama at its Prep School.

Boarding from age 7, this is a school that transforms lives, committed to making a difference for every pupil.

The arts programmes at Kingswood are just as strong as the inclusivity within their student community. A number of scholarships are available for creative subjects, allowing students to have their talents nurtured by the school’s dedicated and specialist staff as they explore their passions further than ever before.

Through its excellent art, music, drama, and design and technology departments, the school inspires creative artistry and presents students with plenty of opportunities to challenge existing principles and explore new concepts beyond the curriculum.

Designing dynamic drama productions

Every year, the Kingswood drama department organises several fun, engaging productions for students to get involved with.

In the latest Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the Kingswood co-curricular programme was rated ‘excellent’. The extensive co-curricular programme grants students of all ages the opportunity to develop new and pre-existing talents that remain life-long passions well beyond their time at Kingswood.

An integral part of the programme, the school’s drama clubs and activities are popular among students. A weekly drama club is on offer for pupils in Years 7-9 to improve core acting skills, while a weekly technical theatre club is available for Year 9 upwards in a well-equipped 366-seat theatre.

Showcasing their theatrical skills to large audiences, Kingswood’s memorable performances include Bugsy Malone, Treasure Island and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

From collaborations with other schools, professional theatre company workshops, regular theatre trips to Bath, Bristol and London and international travel opportunities to New York, there’s always a new venture for Kingswood students to enjoy.

To highlight alumni success and the diverse drama activities at Kingswood, Game of Thrones actor and former student Wilf Scolding recently visited the school to provide insightful drama classes.

During his visit, he explored the comic timing of Shakespeare, gave interesting tips on getting into character and provided invaluable advice to Kingswood drama students about delivering monologues.

Bespoke music lessons, concerts and festivals

Hosting over 300 individual music lessons each week at the Senior School and with over 250 pupils in the Prep School playing musical instruments, Kingswood is a harmonious hub for students wishing to finetune their skills.

At the 16th annual KATS 2019 Awards, music and drama students got the chance to celebrate their incredible work. Complete with an audience and awards ceremony, it’s the perfect way for parents to witness their children’s creative efforts and an opportunity for Kingswood to reflect on all the artistic achievements that took place throughout the year.

Encouraged to play to their full potential, students are inspired by the regular Kingswood Community concerts, such as lunchtime concerts, the Festival of Song, charity concerts and concerts outside of school.

Every year, Kingswood also helps open The Bath Festival with Party in the City at the historic Green Park Station. A fun event for all, pupils get to see the city come alive for a night of free music and entertainment.

To extend the musical engagement, music students will be going on tour in Holland this summer to take part in a number of performances and concerts!

Encouraging art for all ages

The art department at Kingswood grants students of all ages the chance to create exciting and unique artwork in a range of media, both during timetabled lessons and in independent activity sessions.

Housed in an attractive period building, students here have access to well-equipped specialist areas for drawing and painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, digital and traditional photography, as well as a dedicated studio for Sixth Form students.

Integrating technological influences into art, a suite of 16 computers and an extensive art library provide opportunities for research and digital manipulation of imagery. Examination results are consistently exceptional and the school is proud of its artistic heritage and success.

The highlight of the year is the annual Summer Exhibition held at the end of June which showcases a wide range of student artwork, with every examination pupil being proudly represented.

This year it’s located at 44AD in Bath City Centre, next to the historic Bath Abbey. Showcasing their work to the Kingswood community and the general public, students gain both real-world exposure and a communal platform for their creativity to flourish.

To view the students’ artwork, simply click here or swipe through the recent Made in Kingswood book.

Challenging student creativity through design and technology

Continuing the school’s strength for innovation, the Kingswood design and technology (DT) department challenges pupils’ creativity and problem-solving skills through a wide range of projects that encourage independent and practical thinking.

As you can see from students’ work, it’s a dynamic subject that’s keeping pace with the ever-changing technology used in industry. Design and technology prepares pupils for a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, architecture, product design and creative arts.

Plus, with the Prep School’s brand-new development, the Southwest’s first school-based STEAM and Innovation Centre, pupils learn through experimental sessions, practical lessons, coding, robotics and more.

Impressing with their creativity, innovation and tech skills, 46 pupils in Years 7-10 took part in the second Kingswood hack:jam this year. Younger pupils designed and programmed solutions using a micro:bit, whereas students from Years 9 and 10 made use of a kitronics prototyping kit.

Demonstrating that artistic and inventive spirits aren’t confined to the classroom, Kingswood is fully invested in the success of its arts, music, design and technology and drama students from day one.

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