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Kingswood School: Igniting your child’s potential

Kingswood School provides outstanding learning and support for their students, facilitating the exploration of their curiosities and encouraging long-lasting open-mindedness. The School’s goal is to inspire and ignite every pupil’s potential: their pupils leave them with excellent results, meaningful experiences and the passion to make a difference in the world.

Located on a 200 – acre site on the outskirts of Bath, Kingswood School offers a welcoming, inclusive community where students are enabled to hone their talents while encouraging their peers to do the same. Kingswood School’s location is part of its enduring charm that draws some of the best young minds to its grounds. Surrounded by the wonders of Bath’s city — including the rolling countryside, magnificent architecture, museums, and vibrant cultural life — students at Kingswood School find valuable lessons outside as much as within the classroom. From activities such as forest school, outdoor play, and the school’s gardening and nature club, Kingswood School pupils learn the value of care by connecting strongly with nature.

Kingswood School’s commitment to academic excellence is a crucial aspect of its mission to offer a well-rounded education to every pupil. It is achieved through learner-friendly classrooms that create an intellectually stimulating environment, where students are constantly challenging themselves in a growth mindset to think outside of the box.

The school’s rigorous programmes take place in small class sizes that maintain excellent teaching and interactive lessons, all the while ensuring that each student is supported in their academic journey. Students achieve some of the best exam results in the country and 90% go on to their first choice universities.

Pastoral care is the hallmark of Kingswood School, echoing the Christian principles of its foundation, the school encourages its pupils to grow into compassionate, open-minded young people  with a strong sense of responsibility and service. This co-ed day and boarding school also welcomes international students from all over the world, further enriching its dynamic student community.

Join a community of bright, welcoming learners

Boarding life is the heartbeat of Kingswood School, where parents can expect phenomenal, pastoral care and support. Kingswood School cultivates a warm home away from home atmosphere to ease the transition into independent living away from families among its young boarders.

The school consists of seven Houses, five of which are boarding, with House Parents who are attuned to the emotional needs of those in their care. Tutors are on the ground to take direct responsibility for individual boarding and day pupils, where each student regularly attends goal setting and review meetings to ensure they are on track in their school and academic life. Working with small groups of students on a daily basis, means that tutors really understand and know their tutees.

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Boarders at the school receive guidance from mentors and House Parents who are always available to support their academic goals and attend to their personal needs. As students progress through the years, they have plenty of opportunity to develop their leadership skills, helping guide younger years and to arrange the many interhouse competitions.

With over 100 activities of activities and sports to choose from, students will find no dull moment in their boarding life at Kingswood School. Boarding activities are conducted on-site weekly, where students can participate in everything from morning yoga, evening floodlit hockey or tennis, swimming, and cricket. Creative, musical, and health outlets are available too during the school day.

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Weekends are filled with organised outings to nearby attractions such as Escape rooms, Air Trampoline Parks, and Harry Potter World, in addition to games such as laser tag, paintballing, and bowling, all of which provide an outlet for students to let their hair down between their studies.

Nurturing confidence through experiential learning

The Sixth Form at Kingswood School is unique, designed to prepare senior students for lifelong success beyond their school years. Its 220 students undergo the school’s Enrichment programme that goes beyond the confines of examination specifications. Students can choose to complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) based on their interests or General Studies to expand their knowledge of social, cultural, and political affairs in the world. Lower Sixth students can participate in seminars and academic societies that foster healthy debates and discussions to develop communication skills that are crucial for higher education.  The Medical Society is particularly popular: helping students understand this complex career path, and to prepare for university applications.

Sixth Formers at Kingswood School are active in outreach too, which is evident in their involvement with Mentoring Plus, an independent charity. In a programme devised in partnership with Kingswood and the Charity, Sixth Formers are trained as Peer Mentors and support younger students at Kingswood and in schools in the local community. . As a result of their holistic education, the Sixth Formers of Kingswood School leave the school as mature and confident citizens who are able to address complex challenges, setting a solid foundation for their university years ahead.

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Through a well-balanced approach to education, the breadth of opportunities offered at Kingswood School thoroughly prepares students for life, where children feel supported to self-actualise into capable individuals. Kingswood School’s high academic standards and outstanding co-curricular programme – rated as “excellent” in the school’s latest ISI Inspection — encourage students to never limit themselves throughout their time at the school, ensuring continuous success that lasts a lifetime.

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