hungarian universities
Fleeing from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, a university student from India crosses the border by foot in Barabas, Hungary, on Feb. 28, 2022. Source: Attila Kisbenedek/AFP

International students whose studies in Ukraine have been disrupted by the Russia-Ukraine war may be able to continue their studies at Polish and Hungarian universities. 

In a tweet, Hungary’s Centre for Geopolitics head Dr. Attila Demkó said: “Hungary is offering foreign students who escaped #UkraineRussianWar (India, Nigeria, other African countries) to continue their studies at Hungarian universities. 

“All third-country refugees (mostly Africans) were accepted without problems and repatriated if they wished so.”

hungarian universities

Study in Hungary notes that there are 28 statefunded, 11 privately-funded and 26 church-funded institutions in the country. Source: Attila Kisbenedek/AFP

Hungarian universities could welcome students from India, Nigeria, other African countries

Many international students were struggling to flee Ukraine, while some have alleged mistreatment and racism at the country’s borders. Some students have safely escaped to neighbouring countries or managed to return to their home countries.

In a tweet, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Vijay Kumar Singh said 205 Indian students returned to India from Rzeszów, Poland. This includes Harjot Singh, a student who was shot in Kyiv, Ukraine a few days ago. 

The minister was in Poland to oversee the evacuation process of Indian nationals from Ukraine amid the war.

In a separate tweet, Singh said Polish universities would open their door to Indian students from Ukraine to complete their studies. “Poland and India share centuries of friendship and cordial relations which have brought our people together,” he said. “I am happy to share with you that Polish universities will be opening their doors to our students from Ukraine so that they can finish their studies.”

Many international students were concerned about getting out of Ukraine safely, but if the situation in Ukraine prolongs, students will need to consider alternative plans to continue their studies.

Study abroad consultant Ravi Kumar Koul previously told the that Indian MBBS students could transfer to other universities in the country or to universities in another country, but advised students to make decisions carefully.

“Any government university would be willing to absorb these students, but they have to be careful because private universities would want to get them. The quality of education in private or semi-government universities is questionable as well as expensive,” Koul was quoted saying.

Study in Poland notes on their website: “If you are fleeing the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, you will be admitted to Poland.” notes that the country is home to over 400 institutions, many of which now also offer study programmes in English.

There are also many Hungarian universities for students to choose from. Study in Hungary notes that there are 28 statefunded, 11 privately-funded and 26 church-funded institutions in the country.