Humanitas University: USMLE preparation for future medical leaders
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Humanitas University: USMLE preparation for future medical leaders

For Matteo, the decision to pursue his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree at Humanitas University was an easy choice to make.

“Humanitas University is one of the best institutions in Italy and probably Europe.”

“Classes are led by European, if not global, leaders in their respective fields. Not many institutions can boast these aspects,” he says.

But despite enjoying the multicultural and metropolitan landscape of Milan, it was always Matteo’s intention to return to the US and apply to US medical residency programmes after his studies.

And while studying at Humanitas University, its USMLE Preparation course caught his eye.

A course that connects you to international career opportunities

For medical students to apply for their medical residences in countries like the US, they must undergo a licensing procedure called the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

This exam is divided into two steps: Step 1 which assesses pre-clinical skills followed by Step 2 which assesses clinical knowledge and clinical skills.

Once you have passed these steps, you will have access to your medical residency in the US which is also known as a “specialisation”.

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As Humanitas University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WFME) and provides a curriculum that matches the requested educational standards from the US National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), they can prepare students like Matteo for the USMLE.

“This course gives you the proper tools and foundation to take on the intense study period. And this is what I feel the USMLE course does best,” he says.

Throughout the USMLE Preparation course, you’ll run through many of the expected exam questions and familiarise yourself with the American education and testing system.

You’ll also transition between the lab coat and computer lab as you train for hands-on clinical skills trials and tech-based tests.

And as Humanitas USMLE mentor explains, this course encourages feedback and enquiries:

“I’m able to talk to the students as a peer to another peers, having just gone through the process of getting US medical residency,” he said.

“Also, I can give my own experiences and talk to students one-on-one, get to know them personally, find out what their aspirations are. We work through the exams together and individually, and we learn from each other about how to approach USMLE material.”

This is particularly valuable considering that every USMLE mentor is a recent medical graduate from the US that has passed the USMLE with very high scores. This means mentors like Nathan can help Humanitas medical students with insightful test-taking tips and practical information.

“And at the end of the course, students are offered one-to-one mentorship meetings with the teachers in which they can discuss their plans for the future and get career advice,” Nathan adds.

Education that motivates you to be a global medical leader

The USMLE course is a six-year course that lasts less than one week every year and is open to Humanitas medical students who are interested in starting a residency in the US after graduation.

So if you were to enrol in Humanitas University’s six-year Medicine and Surgery undergraduate programme, which is taught entirely in English by experienced professors and medical doctors, you could take part in the USMLE course one week a year.

Humanitas is also one of a select few international medical schools that have been approved by the California Medical Board, this means once you’ve graduated, you can go on to live and work in the US.

Source: Humanitas University

Plus, you’ll be studying inside the Humanitas Research Hospital, a centre renowned across Europe for its high-quality healthcare and research.

This is where you’ll get to know the inner workings of a real-world medical environment, and gain the confidence and transferable skills to take your next working role either in Europe or abroad.

“Anyone would be fortunate to study at Humanitas,” adds Matteo, “The University is full of amazing opportunities, and it’s up to you to take them.”

And Matteo is right; from its USMLE Preparation course to its range of study programmes, Humanitas University offers students from all over the world an array of career-changing opportunities.

These opportunities stem from a stimulating international environment, where you’ll grow both professionally and personally by inhabiting the collaborative and practical skills you need to become a responsible medical leader.

So if you’re ready to harness your potential and reap these benefits, find out more about the USMLE Preparation course and academic programmes from Humanitas University today.

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