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How Arts University Bournemouth’s postgraduate programmes are setting students up for success

A postgraduate degree can unlock many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Just ask the students and graduates of Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)’s Graduate School.

Here, students build on their achievements, take their passions to the next level and build a diverse professional network. As one of the UK’s leading specialist universities, AUB is a place where students are part of an inspiring community in which everyone takes charge of their own learning. Creative risk taking and an exploratory approach is encouraged to embolden students to realise their creative ambitions. Collaborative and interdisciplinary projects let visions materialise, all while deepening the understanding of one’s subject.

“You’ll use your understanding in your chosen subject to create and innovate, enhancing your practice in new and creative ways. Our Graduate School supports students in developing knowledge and learning new skills – ultimately giving our graduates the experience and skillsets to stand out in their industry.” shares Dean of Graduate School and Research, Phil Jones.

Unrivalled education, unwavering support

AUB’s Graduate School offers an extensive range of creative postgraduate degrees. They include Master of Architecture, MA Animation Production, MA Design and Innovation, MA Digital Fashion Innovation, MA Film Practice, MA Fine Art, MA Graphic Design, MA Historical Costume, MA Illustration, MA Painting, MA Photography, MRes Arts and MPhil/PhD Research degree. It also offers online master’s degrees for those who need more flexibility in balancing work, study and life. Even though students are learning remotely, they are still granted the same amount of access to resources and support throughout their programme.

The support that AUB offers its students begins even before their first day here and continues until the day they graduate — sometimes, even further still. Curious to explore course options and take a peek into student life at AUB? Join one of its online webinars or virtual talks that’ll share insights on courses and student life at AUB. Need advice during your application process? The dedicated International team offers one-to-one sessions to ease you through this journey.

International students get even more guidance prior to stepping foot on campus. From pre-arrival advice and information to orientation events, mentoring sessions and student buddy scheme – all ensure a smooth transition to AUB and a new country. Other forms of support include postgraduate scholarships of up to £5,000 GBP as well as priority accommodation within AUB Halls of Residence.

When they graduate, international students can take the Graduate Visa route. This gives them permission to stay in the UK for at least two years after successfully completing an AUB programme. With a Graduate Visa, international graduates can work in most jobs, look for work, be self-employed, continue living in the UK with their partner and children, do voluntary work, as well as travel abroad and return to the UK.

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AUB Animation Production graduate, Arezou Ramezani, takes her success from Tehran to London. Source: Arts University Bournemouth

Impressive outcomes

The stories of AUB students and graduates are inspiring. MA Photography graduate Aderopo Afolabi, MA Animation Production graduate Arezou Ramezani and BA and MA Architecture graduate Ali Jafari are perfect examples of this.

Afolabi’s work was selected as the cover for the “Portrait of Britain” book’s fifth volume. His image of a model wearing Ankara, a traditional African print fabric woven in cotton and produced using a wax-resist dyeing technique, was chosen as one of 99 portraits that feature in the book. Afolabi shares that the image was shot in AUB’s studio, proving that students have access to state-of-the art facilities that lead to winning of awards.

Afolabi’s accomplishment isn’t an isolated one. In fact, previous volumes of “Portrait of Britain” have included works by BA (Hons) Commercial Photography graduates Michael Farra and Udochukwu Emeka-Okafor, and MA Photography graduates Kate Wolstenholme, Gianluca Urdiroz and Camilla Murray.

Ramezani has also spread her wings and is sharing her work far and wide, with pieces being showcased in exhibitions across the globe including countries like Korea, US, Switzerland and the UK. Her advice for current Animation Production students? Be open to opportunities and keep learning.

Arts University Bournemouth

Students harness state of the art facilities inspiring success. Source: Arts University Bournemouth

“Don’t narrow yourself down to one subject. Try to experiment. Learn as much as you can, even if you think it’s not really related to your own specific major … Sometimes you can do a combination of everything and make something cool and new out of it. I would say just be open to anything and try to learn from any opportunity that comes to you. You must make the most out of it and embrace it with open arms,” she says.

Jafari’s innovative product, Riser Chair, was selected as one of 10 design initiatives featured at the Design Museum’s “Designing for our Future Selves” exhibition in London earlier this year. He currently runs his own company Designed Healthcare Ltd which focuses on the importance of empathy and inclusiveness for healthcare, and quality of life for the older population.

As a trained and registered Care Nurse, he was inspired to create the Riser Chair after seeing first-hand the process involved with helping patients to sit and stand. “Riser Chair aims to assist users with sitting and standing while being a beautiful piece of furniture that people will not only need but will want in their homes and offices,” Jafari says.

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