A historic US institution innovates the future
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A historic US institution innovates the future

The University of Vermont (UVM), one of the oldest in the United States, is an institution with a storied and proud legacy.

It’s home to some important firsts in US higher education; it was the first to declare support for freedom of religion and the first to admit women and African Americans to the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. And its research has changed the world for the better, helping standardize the treatment of jaundice in newborns, for example, and sounding the alarm bells that led to the Clean Air Act, legislation that protects ecosystems from harmful pollution.

Those who visit UVM today become immersed in this legacy, surrounded by stately architecture that calls back to the university’s beginnings. But visitors also notice a brand-new energy, and an evolving campus transformation to introcude facilities that support 21st century learning and discovery.

These transformations include two new buildings at the heart of the campus, providing state-of-the-art classroom and lab spaces for those within STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. It also includes a revamped MBA program that has risen quickly through the rankings to its position as the number one Green MBA, ahead of Yale and Stanford.

Ranked the No.1 Green MBA by The Princeton Review, the University of Vermont’s one-year Sustainable Innovation MBA was designed from the ground up to challenge the traditional MBA.

This innovative program has revolutionized traditional business education and the MBA degree to directly address core global challenges — environmental, ethical and general inequality — through the lens of enterprise and entrepreneurship. In just twelve months, students receive an accredited MBA degree, which includes not only the basic MBA toolkit, but also the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to transform today’s business and create tomorrow’s truly inclusive and sustainable enterprises.

Get a feel for the innovation and energy that are propelling the University of Vermont into its next century.

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