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“The network of Regent’s is universal and I want to thank all of you guys for those years. We meet up at weddings, birthday parties and adventures around the world. These relationships last a lifetime.” – Hubertus Halmburger, BA (Hons) International Business with Management graduate, Regent’s University London

Regent’s University London is the only independent, not-for-profit higher education provider in the UK capital. Based in royal Regent’s Park and Marylebone, Regent’s is small and intimate enough to feel like a much-loved second home, with just under 5,000 students studying here in a population that represents more than 140 nations worldwide. It’s a captivating community which is also highly cosmopolitan, offering unrivalled opportunities for students to forge international friendships and build a lasting global network of professional links.

“One of the main reasons why I decided to study at Regent’s was the great study abroad programme and the language addition,” says Pia Zanardi, BA (Hons) International Business (Mandarin Chinese) graduate at Regent’s, class of 2015. “At Regent’s, I not only learned managerial, problem-solving and economic skills, but, overall, I have also learned social relations management, I have made friends from all over the world, and, thanks to Regent’s, I really feel part of a global community.”

Pia’s programme at Regent’s instilled her with the language and intercultural experience needed to thrive on the global stage. After spending some time working for a renowned PR and marketing company based in Shanghai, the alumna undertook an arts-related placement in New York, and became heavily involved in a fundraising project for an NGO in Nepal. “I’m now the founder and creative director of YALI, a label of Chinese-inspired blazers that re-approaches the concept of elegance by weaving a global cultural heritage with ancient handcrafted traditions,” she adds, referencing a career she could never have achieved without guidance and support received at Regent’s.

The university provides a wide range of programmes in Business & Management, all of which serve both current and future industry demand. These programmes offer an ideal balance between individual and group work, lectures and practical seminars, placements and workshops. Regent’s works alongside industry players to ensure programmes align with the latest industry trends.

On top of Business & Management, Regent’s provides a rich array of programmes in Fashion & Design, Film, Media & Performance, Liberal Arts & Humanities and Psychotherapy & Psychology, highlighting the sheer scale of opportunity on offer at this world-class institution. Regardless of which path they choose to study, students here are wholeheartedly encouraged to pursue work experience opportunities, attend guest speaker lectures and participate in networking events throughout their degree, putting them one huge step closer to achieving their career aspirations.

“I run The Art Partners together with my business partner Anastasia Petrovskaya, an independent art office for international collectors,” says Maria Korolevskaya, a Regent’s international graduate. “We work with all types of collectors, from new to established.”

“I graduated from Regent’s University London with a Master’s degree in International Business,” Maria Korolevskaya adds. “Before that I studied art history and was working in the art industry. The combination of art and business education opened new horizons for me and made me feel more confident to launch my own company.

“Because I got my first degree in Art History & Criticism,” the graduate explains, “the Master’s in International Business was a very special experience. Going through a lot of new information and interesting modules like ‘Innovation in Ecology’ and ‘Corporate Finance’ really changed my mindset and made me more open-minded, receptive and curious. I believe these qualities are relevant and crucial for all entrepreneurs.”

But this is just the start of Regent’s student success stories. Hubertus Halmburger launched his professional career as a humble BA (Hons) International Business with Management student at the London institution. Now dubbed a ‘serial entrepreneur’, managing a global team of employees across several distinct industries – including luxury yachts, renewable energy and CHPs – Hubertus relishes the challenge and excitement brought by his profession. This is a man who celebrates the fact no two days are the same.

When asked what advice he would offer to current or prospective students hoping to launch their own companies, Halmbuger said this: “Do not hope or wait for it to come. If you are not active or shaping your future by putting or at least trying to put your ideas into practice, nobody will. It is all up to you. My advice is to ask yourself sometimes, ‘what will I lose by trying it out?’ Experience…life and real management…by just doing it yourself. Now listen to your gut feeling and you will know your decision…you need to create your opportunity. Think about the pros and cons and then just go with your instinct.”

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