Regent’s University London: Fostering your true potential
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“Our proximity to the centre of London means that everything the capital has to offer is on your doorstep. The city beyond provides a rich extension to the classroom.” – Regent’s University London

Recognised as the only independent, not-for-profit higher education provider in the buzz of central London, Regent’s University London is an innovative, contemporary and cosmopolitan community based in royal Regent’s Park.

Intent on refining tomorrow’s influential leaders and pioneers, Regent’s students are instilled with a unique entrepreneurial spirit from the word ‘go’. Described as one of the most stunning campus settings the city has to offer, students here benefit from excellent facilities alongside vibrant, social, creative and athletic surroundings.

The ambitious minds who choose to pursue a Regent’s education can trust they’ll finish their degree  a different person from the one who first walked through those doors. Applications are open all year round, giving prospective scholars the chance to seize the moment whenever best suits them. A degree from this world-class institution enables each student to flourish as a qualified and respected individual, with its expansive portfolio of foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes helping to cultivate confident, cultured and connected global graduates.

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Business & Management at Regent’s

As one of six subject areas that helps form Regent’s, Business & Management provides a vigorous, culturally-rich environment that gives students the foundation needed to thrive in an increasingly connected world. Through frequently updated programmes, hands-on learning opportunities and a combination of structured academic study and work placements, the University’s graduates dominate the competitive field of today’s global business environment.

“Innovation and creativity are the twin engines of business growth,” the institution notes. “We foster a dynamic, open-minded approach that will inspire you to succeed in any business environment, both now and into the future,” it adds.

“You will also become highly aware of the social and environmental responsibilities that lie at the heart of good global business and management practices.”

Regent’s presiding international focus is clear, complimenting student studies with a perspective that’s incredibly valuable in an unbounded world. Through studying, socialising and living alongside students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, students gain multi-dimensional points of view not just from their teachers, but also from their peers. Here, you will forge the professional networks and intercultural prowess that have become integral for success in any transnational corporation.

The BA (Hons) International Events Management programme, for example, blends residential trips to events and destinations with regular visits to national and international events, plus specialist guest lectures, and full involvement in organising a range of live events on the beautiful Regent’s campus. Through a comprehensive approach to higher education, your professional and personal development will soar to brand new heights, while your investment in the Regent’s name will hone your skill and broaden your involvement in the industry as you journey through your studies.

“Whether you are starting your own venture, joining your family business or looking to shake things up in the corporate world, you will graduate with the outlook, knowledge and skills to lead change wherever you are.”

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Fashion & Design at Regent’s

The creative roots of Fashion & Design at Regent’s is determined by one simple philosophy: that students must have sufficient space to explore every avenue and creative style that rings true to their individual vision. One of the most innovative aspects of the Regent’s education is its ability to merge art with entrepreneurial principles, encouraging students to demonstrate the passion, initiative and enterprise needed to impact the fast-paced professional sphere.

The University’s position in the midst of a world design capital means students are submerged in a community of creative ingenuity, with surrounding clusters of designer stores, boutiques, agencies, galleries, performances and artistic events serving as a constant source of inspiration.

The BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing at Regent’s is a programme characterised by current fashion marketing strategies and specialist knowledge in disciplines like communications, branding, buying and fashion show production. This partnering of marketing and promotion theory, paired with analysis of market information, will allow you to hone cutting-edge market solutions.

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Film, Media & Performance at Regent’s

Regents’ Film, Media & Performance portfolio is specifically-designed in partnership with renowned industry experts, enriching students with modules that instil professionally-relevant vocational expertise. With the creative hub of London as your backdrop, you will gain the independence and competence needed to establish your independent projects – which also give you the courage to innovate as a respected entrepreneur – as you benefit from round-the-clock teacher guidance to ensure you unleash your very best.

The institution’s BA (Hons) in Film, TV and Digital Media Production is your passport to fruition in this notoriously competitive industry. In a curriculum developed and delivered by experienced media professionals, you will enter the working world already instilled with the ability to respond to rapid changes in the contemporary broadcast landscape. You will make creative use of the internet to produce material and communicate ideas, all the while learning the principles of directing, producing, sound, lighting, camera, editing and production management that will take you anywhere need to be within this burgeoning global business.

A once in a lifetime learning experience

Characterised by an approach focused on your personal needs and development, Regents’ leading academics will guide you as you grow. As an institution that’s forever striving to flourish your unique entrepreneurial soul, while simultaneously nurturing enterprise and encouraging initiative, Regent’s is guaranteed to help you reach your full potential, sending you into the world with confidence and experience you simply wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

The door is always open AT REGENT’S.

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