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Be inspired, develop your unique design style, and hone your skills to launch yourself in the world of fashion and design. Regent’s University London offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes from Interior Design, International Fashion Marketing and Postgraduate Diplomas in Fashion Buying & Merchandising and Fashion Journalism.

With a global worth of more than US$2.4 trillion, fashion is undoubtedly one of the world’s most lucrative industries. Business is constant and thriving, with McKinsey and Business of Fashion’s first report, The State of Fashion, citing an annual growth of 5.5 percent over the last 10 years.

“…our report finds that fashion companies are hopeful they can improve their performance through a combination of organic growth and leveraging new technologies,” McKinsey & Company notes.

“…Some 40 percent of executives…expect conditions for the fashion industry to improve in 2017, compared to the 19 percent who reported improving conditions in 2016,” the publication adds, forecasting an industry growth of up to 3.5 percent this year alone.

Image courtesy of Regent’s University London

Fashion & Design at Regent’s

As one of the world’s most respected higher education providers, Regent’s University London is a noted pioneer of specialised fashion and design education. Set in the midst of a world design capital, Regent’s is a contemporary and cosmopolitan university hosting a diverse community of creatives.

Outstanding studio and IT facilities mean student ideas and inspiration flourish from day one, while dedicated tutor support allows the individual to truly come into their own. Under the guidance of the industry’s most influential experts, you will be inspired to cultivate your own distinct style, honing the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the vibrant fashion sphere. And on top of all this, programmes are regularly updated to ensure you meet the needs of an ever-changing industry, letting you stay on top of new and current trends to remain consistently in-demand.

“Our philosophy is simple. Rather than imposing a dominant aesthetic, we give you the space to explore every avenue and create a style that is true to your individual vision,” the institute explains.

“Our first-class studio and IT facilities ensure that you receive the best support to develop your ideas and abilities from day one,” it adds. “Small class sizes mean that you’ll work closely with your tutors, industry professionals and other students in a buzzing, creative environment.”

Postgraduate Diploma Fashion: Buying & Merchandising

As global business continues to rise in terms of sales and significance, retailers must extend their range to meet both strong and emerging markets. At the heart of trending fashion sits the buying and merchandising functions, allowing popular brands to respond to fashion fads in the most efficient manner. At Regent’s, you will gain valuable insights into what really makes trends tick, gaining the knowledge and practical experience needed to succeed in the buying and merchandising field. As a result, you’ll refine sought-after skills in numeracy, presentation, team work and negotiation.

Postgraduate Diploma Fashion: Journalism

Global media is fast-paced and explosive, and with the fashion industry thriving, the role of the fashion journalist becomes integral to popular culture. The ability to make waves in the world of fashion reporting requires a host of unique skills relating to writing, aesthetics and a technical understanding of the industry’s most powerful influences. Today, the digital media sector demands well-trained fashion professionals equipped with a deep understanding of context, history and current industry trends.

MA International Fashion Marketing

Brand-new for 2017, the MA International Fashion Marketing programme combines the study of fashion and marketing in one comprehensive programme. You will have London’s fashion industry on your doorstep, allowing you to immerse yourself in fashion and be back on campus within minutes. In addition to being perfectly placed for the industry, Regent’s provides a truly international perspective with students from over 140 different nationalities. Discussing local fashion will bring on a completely new meaning!

Another unique feature of this programme is that you will have a built in study trip to Milan during the full buzz of fashion week, giving you a real behind the scenes look of how the industry operates. This programme seeks to instil ambitious fashion managers and directors with the practical and intellectual skills needed to thrive in the colourful world of fashion. Formed in consultation with the industry’s most powerful experts, the programme ensures graduates are best-placed to maximise profitable business opportunities, heightened by the industry’s most sustained era of disruption since the industrial revolution.


Dynamic and fast-paced by nature, the MA in International Fashion Marketing teaches the ins-and-outs of the global fashion industry and sustainable marketing strategies, producing graduates who make a profitable storm from booming fashion trends. Students of the MA International Fashion Marketing are also eligible to apply for a scholarship worth up to £4,000. Offered in collaboration with Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, the Bloomsbury Fashion Scholarship also incorporates an internship and mentoring opportunity directly from Bloomsbury, on top of unparalleled access to a wealth of digital archive resources.

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BA (Hons) Interior Design

And if your mind is set on the art of design but fashion really isn’t your thing, Regents’ BA Hons in Interior Design lets you create spaces that change peoples’ lives, improving everyday experiences in everything from home, to retail, commercial, even exhibition environments. Through a detailed and industry-focused education, this programme allows participants to develop the knowledge, creativity and expertise needed to succeed as an interior designer across various professional sectors.


With London as the backdrop of your journey into fashion and design, there’s nowhere you can’t go and nothing you can’t do. The city serves as a real-life, moving classroom, where everything is fluid and changing – much like the business itself. Here, you’ll find yourself submerged in every form of fashion muse, from designer shops, to boutique stores, agencies, galleries, performances and beyond. You’ll get the chance to tackle high-end fashion briefs for professional clientele, all while being taught by business best in a stylish fashion hub.

Consistently seeking to nurture the entrepreneurial soul while encouraging student enterprise and initiative, Regent’s is shaping the fashion and design realm. As an institution that’s intent on sharpening creativity and honing your ambition, the University produces employable graduates with the power to take on the world. Think you’ve got what it takes?

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