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The high ROI of a Glasgow School of Business and Society master’s degree

A Glasgow School for Business and Society (GSBS) degree makes all the difference. Just ask the many graduates who have hit the ground running in their professional lives, armed with that distinctive GCU edge: career-readiness. Industry engagement is a key feature on all programmes —all postgraduate degrees include work experience, from longer placements to shorter projects, international study trips with a career theme as well as assessments and modules that enhance employability.

This means real experience for graduates, such as Naila Garcia on the MSc International Tourism and Events Management programme who got to work at Glasgow Airport as part of the marketing team in the professional practice module. Her tasks included analysing the firm’s social media outreach and promoting the city to millennials. It was enriching, but also “all fun.”

Programmes at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) are designed and delivered in collaboration with employers so that students are learning from academics and industry experts. Titya Rith who studied on the MSc Accounting, Finance and Regulation says the University: “has a very strong connection and partnership with potential employers so there are many student activities — recruitment, guest lectures, seminars and internship opportunities — organised and provided by professional organisations and powerful employer departments,”.

Glasgow School of Business and Society

Surce: Glasgow School of Business and Society

For students looking for a more immersive work experience, GSBS’s two-year master’s degrees offer all the same benefits as a regular master’s, but with one big plus: a further professional practice placement over two trimesters. After studying for a year, students go out to work in organisations while still being supported by the University staff. The rich and varied experience provides students with a unique set of skills, builds confidence, and ends with a valued qualification giving graduates a competitive edge in the UK and international employment market.

At GSBS, students thrive on ideas, innovation and social responsibility, with responsible management and sustainability embedded into all of its highly vocational two-year master’s programmes. Once they are empowered with knowledge, expertise, insight and context, students become in-demand graduates ready to apply what they have learned in the next step of their career. Martha Nasike spoke about how her MSc Risk Management provided practical experience that ultimately boosted her attractiveness to employers: ”Each activity we carry out is aimed to learn something about leadership, innovation, teamwork, and diversity.”

Postgraduate programmes at GSBS are among the best in the world. The business school is ranked second in Scotland and third in the UK for student satisfaction (National Student Survey, 2020). From Accounting and International Business Management to Fashion Marketing and International Tourism and Events Management, programmes at GSBS are endorsed by professional and academic accreditations, giving the stamp of approval for employers. The school is committed to excellence in teaching and research, bringing a wide range of expertise from different disciplines.

What makes GSBS stand out in this age of rapid innovation, technological, and environmental change is how it responds, within and beyond the classroom, to the needs of practitioners across industries, countries, sectors and governmental bodies. As a result, students grasp the realities of their careers — features, benefits, downsides and everything in between — before they even step into a real office.

Having such knowledge and experience is impactful. Ninety-one percent of GCU graduates have found work or are in a further programme of study after graduation.

Support to maximise your GSBS experience

University is about finding your own way – but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. At GSBS, students have an extensive range of support services to help them fulfil their potential and make the most of their time there. A dedicated and expert support team guides students from their arrival to beyond graduation.

Glasgow School of Business and Society

Source: Glasgow School of Business and Society

With the School’s vocational focus, the Careers Service provides a critical support for students, both in finding placements and work experience while studying, as well as graduate jobs.  The service remains available to students for two years after graduation.

GSBS has a dedicated Learning Development Centre with a team of staff on hand to support students through their studies.  They will help with writing assessments, English writing and in building study skills. GSBS also practises an “open door policy” whereby students have direct access to their lecturers for support and advice throughout their studies.

Accessible online, the school offers the following to support a whole range of needs outside of study: Mental Health and Wellbeing Advice; Disability Support; Counselling; GCU Wellbeing Community on GCU Learn; Wellbeing Webinars and Online Events; Weekly Wellbeing Newsletter; and online self-care resources.

Facilities enrich the GSBS experience further. Here, students have many ways to both have fun, meet people and stay active year-round through purpose-built facilities such as the Sir Alex Ferguson Library, Caledonian Court, Media Studio, Vision Centre, Fashion Factory and ARC Gym.

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