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Exponential learning, personal growth, and life-long friendships: Boarding at Australian International School

Leaving your home to study abroad is never easy – especially when you can’t speak the language. Just ask Kaito Otsu, a graduate of the Australian International School (AIS) in Ho Chi Minh City. “At first, I was very confused because I didn’t know what I should do, and I didn’t know where my classes were,” he says. “I also couldn’t ask anyone since I didn’t speak English.”

This didn’t last long. Soon, Otsu became an active and key member of the school community. From the volleyball and football A teams, to touch rugby, cricket, swimming, table tennis, and e-sport, Otsu enjoyed being part of it all. “I’ve been in the sports council for two years. I became captain of the U19 football team as well,” he says. “These sports activities built my identity and had a huge impact on my student life.” During his graduation, he was awarded the Sportsman of the Year award.

Much of his fulfilment can be traced to the premium boarding experience AIS offers. Otsu loved being close to school and having access to all its world-class facilities. “Since I can use the football pitch, gym and all the facilities, it’s very beneficial for me,” he says. “It’s also very close to class so if I have any questions, I can just go ask the teacher quickly. And I can also sleep in longer!”

AIS is one of the leading international schools in Vietnam, and the only international school in Ho Chi Minh City to provide premium boarding facilities. It is an incredible example of the benefits that boarding can have on the personal growth of students. Studies have shown that 78% of boarding school students reported feeling prepared for college versus 36% of private day students and 23% of public students.

AIS is a co-educational school, and boarding is offered to students in years seven to year thirteen. Its flexible weekly or termly boarding provides more than just a comfortable place to stay. It’s a holistic educational experience with many opportunities to develop interests, strengths, friendships and values. This makes it one of the best stepping-stones to a secondary student’s next stage in life.

Australian International School, Vietnam

Kaito Otsu (pictured in front) enjoys participating in many sports at AIS, especially swimming. Source: Australian International School, Vietnam

The school is equipped with modern facilities, including excellent libraries, indoor theatres, ICT Mac suites and science labs, visual art and music studios, outdoor swimming pools, basketball courts, age-appropriate playgrounds, and sports fields. But beyond these state-of-the-art spaces, this school is also a home away from home.

Here, each child is educated with the full support of a dedicated boarding team. Trained, qualified staff ensure the safety and well-being of boarding residents while House Parents provide highly skilled expert care. Paired with experienced educators and school nurses, the school is prepared to accommodate each student’s needs and help them through any challenges they may be facing.

The goal of AIS boarding is to nurture students to become independent, responsible and ready for university and beyond. By helping to instil intrinsic motivation, students are spurred on to continue developing lifelong and transferable skills that will hold them in good stead when they move on from boarding school to their next chapter.

Australian International School, Vietnam

Patrick Minh Phu Nguyen (centre) pictured with friends in the hallway of the boarding house.

Another student who benefited from AIS’s warm and welcoming community is Minh Phu Nguyen, better known as Patrick to his friends. “I thought my first week at AIS would be boring and lonely, but the boarding house felt like a second home,” he shares.

From his very first day at AIS, Patrick could feel and see the care and support of his boarding house. “Students in boarding are so friendly and we felt like a second family. Boarding supervisors and other friends helped me deal with any concerns about schoolwork and other areas.”

The excellent IB curriculum offered here is one of the many reasons Patrick chose to study at AIS. Studying an internationally recognised curriculum was important for Patrick, because of the opportunities it unlocks, to study and work abroad. As well as the many extracurricular opportunities offered, he has found his passion in Psychology. “Taking part in Band-Aid Club, which takes care of student health, both mentally and physically, and doing projects related to mental health, gives me the chance to discover myself and my interests,” he says.

Such activities are just one of many that fill the dynamic days of AIS boarders. Days at AIS start bright and early with the boarding staff waking students up at seven o’clock to a healthy and filling breakfast before they head off for their day at school. Once school is over, students can join extracurricular activities in creative and performing arts, community service, experiential learning, and academic, language, and life skills.

At night, boarders and staff eat together while listening to music. The day ends with students engaged in study time or in games and activities before they get a good night’s sleep. On weekends, they can go rock climbing, enjoy water parks and even head to shopping malls to catch a movie.

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Australian International School, Vietnam

AIS boarders forge strong friendships, enjoying their free time with friends, and forming study groups.


Australian International School, Vietnam

Boarders have access to a communal area, to relax and spend time with friends.