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Australia is known and loved for many things. In an increasingly polarising world, its diversity stands out. One in four of its population was born overseas, with Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Punjabi making for the top five languages used at home. 

The national character has a strong democratic inflexion. People can assemble, express their thoughts, vote and be elected. Rule of law and human rights ensure everyone is treated fairly. Camaraderie even has its special word here — “mateship” — which every Australian knows instinctively, referring to a deeper and grittier bond than friendship. And being home to more than one million species of plants and animals, there’s never been a shortage of adventure here.

There’s nothing like Australians. Pair their uniquely Australian values and the best of global citizenship and education, and you’ll get the forward-thinking, connected, and well-established Australian International School (AIS) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

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Across all three campuses — Xi (Kindergarten), Thao Dien (Kindergarten to Year Six) and Thu Thiem (Kindergarten to Year 13) — students have the safety and support to develop into confident, multi-skilled, and respectful individuals. 

Asked to describe AIS in three words, Secondary School Principal Ben Armstrong says, “Community, respect and world-class.” “At the heart of everything we do is collaboration and we truly believe in students first. Good teamwork is about creating an environment of belonging as we become and be our very best in service to the school community,” he says.  

Respect nurtures students into global citizens. “Our community selflessly models compassion, kindness and caring to demonstrate empathy and live ethically in our world,” he adds. “Our quality, internationally recognised curriculum and world-class teachers go the extra mile to help students reach their potential. Driven by excellence, they add significant extra value by creating opportunities for innovative, creative and curious environments for learning. We strive to be world-class, every class.”

Australian International School

Source: Australian International School

AIS is home to 1,200 students representing over 37 nationalities. The school is not only one of the leading premium international schools in Vietnam, but it is the only international school in Ho Chi Minh City to provide boarding for up to 50 Secondary School students. 

It’s the kind of setting that inspires students to become future leaders. 

Luke Gillin first arrived at AIS “overflowing with fear” a decade ago. Those nerves faded as soon as he stepped into the classroom, greeted by the enthusiasm and encouragement of his teacher and peers. 

Today, the Year 13 student is a transformed person, enriched by an array of high-quality teaching and facilities here. “I’ve been able to develop intellectual capabilities while becoming a better leader. AIS has put me on the right trajectory that I need to prepare for, not only for university but for the rest of my life” he says.

Kindness and positivity radiate here — the kind that helps students make friends and do their best. Gillin met his best friend nine years ago and they’ve been close ever since. His favourite class — biology — is always interactive and engaging. “AIS takes pride in its supportive and encouraging community,” Gillin says.

“Because of this, I find much easier to comprehend and consolidate the information. As a result of my teacher’s expert tutelage, I succeed in class, and I also find myself learning and expanding my knowledge in the subject outside the classroom.” 

AIS is part of Inspired, one of the world’s largest and most innovative school groups with 80 premium schools that, in combination, teach over 70,000 students across 23 countries. 

This brings global opportunities and experiences to AIS students. They can go on exchanges in Europe, sports tournaments with schools in Vietnam, and overseas summer camps in Milan and Switzerland. These unique experiences on a global level provide meaningful periods of development and allow language and social skills to thrive. 

Co-curricular activities on campus let students discover and develop their interests and creativity, across a wide range of options, as well. Among these include performance opportunities like joining concert bands, choirs, and instrumental groups.

Playing sports and the benefits of physical fitness have also been proven many times, and AIS does not roll back when it comes to the sheer variety of the types offered. Known as AIS Titans, students of all genders are encouraged to participate in basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball, and swimming, among others.

Australian International School

Source: Australian International School

“The students are incredibly supportive of one another,” says Stuart Evans, Deputy Principal (Secondary). “ There is healthy competition academically, house competitions, sports; however the community atmosphere undergirds all conversations and friendships.”

All of this prepare students for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the gold standard secondary qualification by universities. “All Australian universities offer direct entry into their courses for international students that reach the minimum IBDP score for any given programme,” Armstrong says. “AIS prepares students for university entrance all over the world but has particularly strong connections with Australian universities, including RMIT, Melbourne University, Monash University and the University of New South Wales, to name a few.” 

These links ensure AIS students get expert advice on university options as well as general advice on moving to and living in Australia. “Australia has many great university options with seven being ranked by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) in the top 100 in the world,” he says. “AIS is an outstanding pathway for any family aspiring to have their child study at an overseas university, particularly if that destination is Australia.”

Gillin plans to major in molecular and developmental biology and with the help of his counsellor, he’s taking another step towards achieving his lifelong dream to become a scientist. “From achieving scholarships of over US$60,000 to being considered at Ivy League institutions, I dedicate my success to the incredible experience I’ve gained at the school.”

For those wanting to know more, there will be an open day on March 18, 2023 and you can sign up here

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