Excel in the global economy with Fribourg International Business Law

Driven by technological advancement, international trade and investments, globalisation has profoundly affected economic life and continues to do just that.

To keep up with the changes and produce practical solutions to global financial issues, graduates today are upskilling their knowledge with Master’s Programmes in International Business Law (IBL) at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

Ranked among the top 250 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019, Fribourg Law degrees are recognised and respected worldwide.

Through the Institute for International Business Law, Fribourg pairs student talent with a strategic legal education, conducting fundamental research while offering support to public and private institutions in the area of international business law. It’s an ideal learning hub for any career-driven candidate.

At the heart of International Business Law

Did you know that Switzerland plays a key role in international business law?

It hosts many international organisations, such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and is also one of the most important locations in the world for commodity trading, arbitration, banking and financial services.

By hosting the headquarters of hundreds of the largest multinational companies in diverse sectors such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, watch industry, banking, financial services, information and communication technologies, and the machine industry; Fribourg becomes the best location for future legal practitioners.

Studying at their bilingual, international, central and friendly campus, you’ll be just one-hour away from the centres of international trade in Geneva, Zurich and Basel, learning at the only university in Switzerland where students have the chance to study in French, German or both!

A Law School tied to tradition

Fribourg Law School is one of the oldest and most reputed law schools in Switzerland.

Internationally known for its high educational standards and long tradition for teaching private and business law, Fribourg celebrates over 250 years of academic excellence and welcomes undergraduate and LLM students from around the world.

Bridging languages and culture, the school provides a platform for students to progress and succeed in their chosen field of law.

Maintaining six specialised research institutes for coordinating teaching and scholarship in the fields of International Business Law, European Law, Law & Economics, Law of Religions, Construction Law and Federalism, here, there’s a specialised route for everyone.

As Fribourg student Jeyamathy Wickramasingam explains, “My main aim was to successfully work in the interaction between business and law and today I can say that the challenge has been taken up!”

LLM in International Business Law

If you want to focus on core lawyering skills and refine your existing skillset, the LLM in International Business Law is perfect for you.

A one-of-a-kind programme tailored to your next role, the degree focuses on key aspects of both international trade law (law of the WTO, EU Law, Law of the Sea) and private law, such as the sale of goods (CISG, Swiss and English law), insurance, taxation, environmental law, competition law, financial markets, customs regulations, compliance and trade sanctions.

All topics have been designed and developed in close consultation with the legal departments of major Swiss companies and multinational corporations, together with leading international law firms. That means your education will be up-to-date and relevant to today’s technological era.

Proposing a practical approach to teaching through case studies, group-work and clinics, you’ll soon gain the skills you need to become a highly valued asset in the eyes of both current and prospective future employers.

Download the course structure here and take a closer look at the modules you’ll be participating in.

Destined for success

International Business Law is one of the most sought-after specialisations in terms of employment.

It opens various windows of opportunity to multinational or national companies, banks, international organisations and private non-profit associations, national governments or law offices, and gives students a real-world perspective of the inner workings of globalisation and economic struggles.

On top of all this, Fribourg conducts the LLM in International Business Law in partnership with leading international organisations, multinational companies and law offices such as World Intellectual Property Organisation, Meggitt, Holman Fenwick Willan and Baker & McKenzie. You’ll gain plenty of real-world experience.

Taught by reputed international academics and practitioners from four continents (Georgetown, Kent, SOAS, Bonn, SciencePo Paris), the LLM in International Business Law is tailored to your future career requirements.

Upon graduating, Fribourg students have pursued roles with the United Nations, World Intellectual Property Organization, Alcon, Meggitt, Credit Suisse, Bayer, Nestlé and more.

Destined for success, you’ll acquire the tools needed for a seamless transition from the classroom to law practice, leaving you ready to join forces with companies and law firms with international operations, international organisations and in non-governmental organisations worldwide.

Start your future with Fribourg.

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