Dominate the field of international contract and arbitration with the Fribourg Law School

At the centre of one of the world’s most important business hubs and arbitration centres, Fribourg Law School in Switzerland is the ideal location for any aspiring legal practitioner wishing to study the diverse fields of law.

Switzerland itself is home to some of the largest global companies that are active in the pharmaceutical, chemical, financial and technology sectors, 14 of which secured top slots in the Fortune 500 Global 2018 rankings.

Alongside its array of multinational companies, the country is also home to an impressive network of FinTech, MedTech and BioTech startups. Ranked the second-best startup ecosystem by the latest Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI), it is at the forefront of international contractual practice.

Attracting today’s most driven and determined minds, Fribourg Law acts as an educational platform for students to either elevate or ignite their legal careers.

Contributing a specialised LLM programme in International Contracts and Arbitration, you have the chance to be trained as a successful contract specialist in one of the world’s most influential economic and arbitration hubs.

A research-intensive law school with a long-standing reputation 

Nestled within a university that has been featured by the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2019, the Fribourg Law School is widely recognised as one of the oldest and most reputed law schools in Switzerland.

While focusing on your Master’s degree at Fribourg Law, you’ll be taught by professors who are considered leading authorities in their respective fields and introduced to specialised courses on law and business in the world’s fastest-growing economies, including Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Through intense research and learning, students will be expected to develop their drafting, negotiation, pleading and presentation skills through practical exercises in graduate seminars, training clinics and moot courts.

Recognised for its long-standing reputation and commitment to high-quality education by global employers, degrees from Fribourg have the power to refine your expertise and propel your career – especially as this Swiss law school has over 250 years of academic excellence and offers the unique opportunity to study several languages.

University of Fribourg

The Fribourg LLM in International Contracts and Arbitration

The LLM in International Contracts and Arbitration at Fribourg prepares students to meet industry challenges and dominate the global fields of law with career-ready skills.

Taught by reputed international academics and practitioners from four continents (Georgetown, Kent, SOAS, Bonn, SciencePo Paris), this is a unique programme tailored around your future career requirements.

Relying on a refined mix of procedural and substantive law, this programme grants students a comprehensive perspective on the arbitration proceedings and the material law of contracts, as well as the development of practical skills through legal clinics, moot courts and internships.

Its curriculum addresses every aspect of various legal fields from a comparative perspective, covering ICC and specialised arbitration, mediation, civil and common law of contracts in general, the details of various contractual arrangements from contracts of sale, agency and distributorship, construction agreements, mergers and acquisitions, trusts and wealth management, financing contracts, security interests and bankruptcy.

All topics have been designed with the help of practitioners, equipping learners with the knowledge and skills demanded by today’s job sector, adopting a practical approach to teaching with the assistance of case studies, group-work and clinics.

Legal education that values real-world engagement

Fribourg Law organises some of their LLM in International Contracts & Arbitration classes in the offices of leading international law firms such as LALIVE, Three Crowns and Baker&McKenzie.

By merging legal education with real-world engagement practices, you’ll be able to network your skills effectively and set yourself up for work after graduation.

With supportive career advisors and internship programmes, you’ll also gain access to top-tier legal powerhouses in Switzerland and acquire a behind-the-scenes insight into international contracts and arbitration.

Plus, by applying to Fribourg Law internship opportunities, you’ll soon spark familiarity with multiple legal regimes – including the different cultures they reflect and the ways they interact.

When disputes arise in your future workplace, you’ll have already mastered the ever-growing thicket of international conventions and standards and will be able to create innovative solutions.

Destined for a wide range of graduate opportunities

After following the LLM in International Contracts and Arbitration, Fribourg alumni have secured important positions as contract managers in multinational companies, and as contract and arbitration lawyers in the most reputed law offices around the world.

During the LLM programme, Jeyamathy Wickramasingam had the opportunity to work as a trainee at Bayer International SA, Fribourg.

As she explains, “Today, we are in a dynamic and challenging market, where cultural and economic developments are gaining more and more ground. That’s why LLM programmes at Fribourg provide us with the necessary tools to handle cross-border issues in multinational companies. By starting my studies here, my main aim was to successfully work in the interaction between Business and Law and I can say that the challenge has been taken up!”

So, if you’re ready to take up the challenge and dominate diverse legal fields, and you’re interested in working for companies and law firms with international operations, find out more from Fribourg Law today!

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