Fribourg Law LLM: The gateway to a top career in compliance

Are you looking to gain or advance your legal education? The Institute for International Business Law at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland is a great starting point.

There’s no better place to study law than the cosmopolitan city of Fribourg, located in central Switzerland – the centre of one of the most important clusters of multinational headquarters in the world. Fribourg is ideally placed at an equal distance between Zurich, Basel and Geneva and is surrounded by a fast-growing area of economic development. This strategic geographical location makes it an ideal learning environment and a place for students to pick up new languages.

Switzerland is a country with a strong banking and financial sector, hosting market leaders in the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry, as well as new technologies. Thriving city aside, the University of Fribourg is ranked among the top 250 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019, while a Fribourg Law degree is recognised and respected worldwide.

The school prides itself on its industry-led, vocational LLM programmes; their distinguished Law School offers a plethora of specialised law programmes that cater to varied interests, including International Contracts and Arbitration, International Business Law, Commodity Trading Law and Compliance.

An unrivalled experience: LLM in Compliance

The Fribourg Law School is not only among the oldest law schools in Switzerland, it has also cemented its reputation as a world-class school known for its high academic standards, and long tradition of teaching private and business law. It’s a school that’s diverse, welcoming 2,000 undergraduate and LLM students from around the world.

Launched in 2013, the Fribourg LLM in Compliance is the only such programme in Switzerland and one of the first in the world. It has acquired a stellar reputation, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Future students who are keen to study Compliance will be pleased to note that this specialisation is a burgeoning area of cross-disciplinary legal practice with growing global career opportunities. Interestingly, Fribourg Law is the only law school in Switzerland, and one of the very few in Europe, to offer a degree programme that covers all areas of regulatory compliance – a specialised field focused on helping companies meet their regulatory obligations.

Meanwhile, prospective students can also personalise their study modules to suit their specific needs and interests.

Modules can include any combination of curriculum units, chosen from a wide range of offerings, such as graduate level courses in the core fields of compliance law, including the regulatory regimes governing taxation, antitrust issues, labour relations, banking, environmental production, trade and commerce, customs clearance, corruption and money laundering, and risk management; specialised courses on law and business in the world’s fastest-growing economies, including  Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, among others.

The ingredients for a successful career

At Fribourg Law, experienced lawyers or recent law graduates will be aptly prepared for the study of regulatory compliance, thanks to its experienced educators. The school’s reputed international academics and practitioners from four continents grant students the unique knowledge and skills required from compliance officers.

The programme is tailored for the job. It provides students with a general presentation of the compliance standards ISO 19600 and the compliance systems, and covers the most important areas of compliance, opening wide professional opportunities in the following fields: Cyber-Security, Data Privacy, and Artificial Intelligence, Banking and Financial Markets, Trade Compliance, Tax Compliance, Corporate Governance, Human Resources Compliance, Competition Law Compliance, Risk Management and Risk Regulations.

Meanwhile, Fribourg’s Clinics in Compliance Investigation and Global Trade Compliance enhances the training of specific skills required from compliance officers. Classroom learning aside, the school also prioritises real-world engagement to complement students’ classroom studies and ensure their success in the multifaceted workplace.

As strategic partnerships between universities and organisations ensure students learn the key skills needed to thrive in the world, the Fribourg Law LLM in Compliance is done in partnership with leading companies, producing industry-ready talent. Meanwhile, a vast internship programme gives students the unique chance to experience working at the management centre of multinational companies.

But education aside, what’s next for LLM in Compliance graduates?

Fribourg Law’s expertise in Compliance contributes to its graduates’ success; the school boasts of an employment rate of more than 60 percent in the first six months following graduation.

Graduates have integrated compliance teams in leading multinational companies, including banks, insurance companies, the automotive industry, chemical and pharma industries, as well as in the central regulatory authorities such as the Swiss Banking and Exchange Authority or public prosecutors offices.

Additionally, this Master’s degree prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities. Potential employers include compliance and legal departments of business ranging from small and midsize enterprises to major multinational corporations in diverse industries, including international trade, banking and financial services, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications, construction, and others; law firms, national and international regulatory agencies, international organisations and non-governmental organisations.

So, if you want to develop the necessary capabilities to become a successful practitioner in compliance, the University of Fribourg might be your perfect match.

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