ESCE International Business School: Diverse programmes, global immersion
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ESCE International Business School: Diverse programmes, global immersion

Dreaming of a career that takes you beyond borders? ESCE International Business School, a leading business school within the OMNES Education group, can make that aspiration a reality. With a rich history from 1968, ESCE has honed its expertise in preparing future managers to thrive in today’s globalised world.

Ranked #7 best business school for high school graduates by “Palmares” 2023 and #3 in international business education by “Le Moci” 2022, ESCE equips students with the knowledge, skills, and global mindset to thrive in today’s interconnected world. Recognised for its pedagogical and academic quality, the school boasts prestigious accreditations like the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and QS stars (4 stars rated), ensuring you receive a top-notch education.

But what these rankings and accolades don’t show is just how multicultural your ESCE education and experience will be. It’s this aspect that graduates credit the most for preparing them for the realities of working in an increasingly connected world. There are strong institutional partnerships with major international networks like Business France and Bpifrance — creating many opportunities for you to make connections with, near and far.

ESCE offers a diverse range of programmes, like the Grande École, International Bachelor, and Master of Science (MSc) degrees. Each can be tailored to your needs and goals.

Currently, 90% of ESCE alumni work in an international context, with 40% employed abroad across 80 different countries. Source: ESCE International Business School

The Grande École programme moulds you into a manager equipped to navigate the complexities of international business, with ethical leadership and cultural respect as your compass. Partnering with industry giants like Business France and Foreign Trade Advisors of France, ESCE ensures graduates become tomorrow’s business titans.

Choose from English or French instruction, delve into an array of specialisations like International Political Science or International Business, and personalise your path with carefully curated courses. Whether it’s polishing your foreign language skills, embarking on global exchange programs, or customising your focus, ESCE provides the tools and guidance to build the career you envision.

The first three years are when you’ll experience autonomy, collaboration, and a strong sense of responsibility, nurtured by dedicated faculty and challenged by a demanding academic environment. You’ll rotate between semesters in Paris or Lyon, international exchange opportunities, and practical professional experiences, solidifying your theoretical knowledge in the real world. The final two years is when you boost your intellectual capacity as you master professional skills in-demand at home and abroad. You’ll refine your interpersonal skills, gain invaluable experience through a culminating professional placement, and ultimately expand your expertise through a research dissertation.

For those seeking a more tailored path, choose the International Bachelor’s programme. It blends theory with group projects and business cases — giving you the know-how for maximum employability. With 12 months of internships woven into the programme and the potential for a third-year apprenticeship, this programme sets you firmly on the trajectory towards career success or further study.

Personalisation is at the heart of the International Bachelor’s experience. From the first year, you can choose between specialisations like Sports Management and Events, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development, and International Relations and Geopolitics. Further down the line, six specialisations await in the third year, allowing you to refine your focus and hone your expertise.

ESCE students benefit from a range of educational resources and digital tools. Source: ESCE International Business School

The International Bachelor’s has a 100% English study track, starting from the first year. In the second year, you can spend one or two semesters abroad. An optional two-month San Francisco training in your third year adds yet another layer of global experience.

What’s more, a partnership with “Learn Montessori” empowers students to unlock their potential through self-motivation, curiosity, and a spirit of lifelong learning — something Laura Ondrušová can attest to. 

“Thanks to the ESCE Business school, I am making my educational journey interesting and truly rich in skills which will be required in the real business world afterwards,” she says. “I would like to emphasise the Montessori system which I appreciate, and I believe is a great educational approach in this modern world to develop creativity and authenticity in people.”

ESCE’s MSc programmes allow you to acquire the skills needed for an international career. Taught in 100% English, they leverage challenges, business cases, and learning expeditions. Accredited by La Conférence des Grandes Écoles, there are specialisations in Business Transformation and Consulting, International Business Development, International Corporate Finance, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing, and International Marketing. ESCE MSc graduates secure top positions in management, business development, international management, supply chain management, marketing, digital management, and finance.

No matter which programme you opt for, ESCE provides you with the tools and resources to succeed. Digital resources and pedagogical tools accompany you throughout your studies. These boost your learning and support you in gaining new skills and in engaging in social projects. 

Aymane Loutfi, a first-year student in the Master in Management programme, loves the campus and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. “I was also able to pick my curriculum and study the entire programme in English. My experience so far has been great and I’m looking forward to the rest of my stay here,” Loutfi says.

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